5 ways to remind yourself that YOU matter

The most important party of your beauty or health routine is practicing some self-love and “me time.”

Almost every morning I wake early just to have time to myself. 

This is the time that I can actually wake up and think about my day. I check over my planner, turn on the TV and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. I put my phone face down and forget about the outside world if only for ten minutes. 

I encourage every mother to try to carve out this time for themselves. It doesn’t have to be the morning and it could be as little as five minutes. We get so lost in the craziness of the world and just forget to just be. 

I was sent a book titled Choosing Real by Bekah Jane Pogue and towards the end the same mantra was repeated, YOU matter. It stuck with me and that’s what I realized I was doing during these few fleeting moments. I am reminding myself that I matter. You can get the paper version here or download the Kindle reading app and download it instantly  

Here are some ways you can remind yourself that YOU matter: 

1.Take a long shower with music blasting or an audio book playing.

I know the thought of a long shower is far behind some moms but after the kids are finally asleep carve some time to just embrace the water falling in you. I like blasting music most nights with my Bluetooth speaker but if I want something a little more calm I listen to an eBook. I use Amazon’s audible because they seriously have every book under the sun. Check out audible here and get your first two books free! Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks 

2.Do something nice for someone else or tell someone else they matter. 

Even if they look at you like a complete weirdo it will make an impact on their day no matter what, and that will make you walk a little taller as well. You made a difference in their life even if it’s fleeting they will always think back to that moment and remind themselves that they do matter. Maybe that will be the day that they will need to hear it the most. 

3.Watch an episode on Netflix

Can we just say a quick thank you to the inventor of Netflix and the networks that have our favorites on there. A movie is hard to sit through but a quick episode is almost doable. Just try to put your phone down and forget what is happening on Facebook, those political posts will still be there after OISNB.

4. Mediate

Sometimes you just really need time with just yourself and rediscover who you are and that is something meditation can help you achieve. It doesn’t necessarily have to be mediating it could be time talking to God or journaling. Just get lost in your own thoughts and find yourself. 

5. Take a walk  

I know I love being in nature and sometimes a walk is just what the doctor ordered. I put my phone on airplane mode and I just go. Now that it is getting nice out I love taking Tinley for walks and she loves the fresh air. I check my phone right before I head back home just in case but that’s the only time. Don’t even take it out for the camera just enjoy the moment and experience it. Not all moments need to be captured they need to be experienced. 

I want to ask anyone reading this to remind yourself, YOU matter. You are valuable, you are worthy, and you are amazing. Take one of my suggestions and enjoy just being. 

Take a few minutes to yourself if you need or scream it from the roof tops anything that you need to take in that mantra as your own. If I missed anything leave them in the comments below! 

**I was sent this book to review but all opinions are my own and contains affiliate links**

14 thoughts on “5 ways to remind yourself that YOU matter

  1. Love this! Have you tried receiving loving kindness meditation? Google it! I also agree with a nice shower or relaxing bath. These are ALL great!!

    1. It is! I run a few businesses and work full time so it’s necessary to take time for myself.

  2. Another way that I’ve grown to love encourage myself is to keep a gratitude jar or box. I write little things that have happened that really made me happy or made me smile, and when those less-than-stellar days creep up, I read a few from the jar, to remind me of the good! Beautiful tips. Subscribed to your blog, it’s beautiful.

  3. Yes! These are all so good! I started meditating last month. At first, 10 minutes seemed SO LONG, but it’s made such a big difference in my life that it’s totally worth it.

  4. This is a great read! I can relate to you on “needing time for yourself” It is so hard with a little one especially when you do want to miss a moment with them. I just recently learned to meditate, it took me a while to get there, but it is super relaxing and I am glad I found my place within!

    1. I kind of stumbled on meditating and I discovered I was really good at it, so I do it now almost every day.

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