Working until labor

Here I am writing this post four days before my due date, at work and wishing this little girl will hurry and get here. I made the decision at about thirty weeks that I was going to work until I delivered and I’m sticking to it.

I do have a job that most of the time I am sitting down and I only work 30 or so hours a week sometimes more, so it’s not full time and I had one day off at least in a week. It could have been more back breaking work and a lot more time on my feet but I am a lucky one.

Something you should know about me is my work ethic is crazy high and the thought of not working worries me more than working too much. Not only have I been working my normal 9-5 (actually 8-5) but I have also been working non-stop on my business, preparing blogs, and even starting a new venture coming soon.

One weekend I made over 300 cupcakes for a show and just a few weeks ago over 100 for a busy weekend. Yes my feet have gotten to the size of bowling balls and I have been slowing down bit by bit but I’m still working. I’m working because I enjoy it. Especially cupcakes they get my mind off of everything going on and for some reason she doesn’t kick or roll when I’m baking.

Working while pregnant is possible especially if its work that you thoroughly enjoy doing. My mom went on and on about stocking shelves and hauling boxes the week I was born. I believe that if your doctor allows it continue to work until the day your baby arrives. It does keep my energy level up and has helped with my anxiety. I feel like I’m accomplishing something and I am contributing to the world.

There are days that I would just collapse on the couch after work but those nights I would hardly sleep, the days I came home and baked, wrote a post, or did the dishes are the nights I slept like a baby. I also got perfect check-ups at every doctor appointment, I gained my ideal weight, I stayed strong (which during labor I will really appreciate) and most importantly baby has stayed healthy with a strong heartbeat.

Pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to halt your life your life does go on and work continues. I really do get annoyed with people thinking pregnant woman need to sit on the couch and do nothing once they find out they’re expecting. I don’t know how many times I had to set Alex straight about telling me to relax. I don’t relax I work my bootay off until I fall over and so far it has been nothing but beneficial.

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