My word of the year- Looking back and moving forward

If you’ve been here for the past year you know I don’t make resolutions. I think they’re promises made to be broken to ourselves. Throughout the year I practice balance when it comes to my health, organize along the way and find new ways every day to be more productive. This year though I have decided to choose a focus, a word to live by. My word is FREEDOM.

My Definition

Freedom means so much to me and is something I have never really experienced in my adult life. Not in the traditional way most people think about freedom. My definition of freedom is being able to go where you want, when you want. This type of freedom can be achieved with my daughter and husband right beside me. It can be enjoyed even more when they’re with me.

Finical Freedom

I want finical freedom, something everyone aspires to have. This isn’t about having a ton of money but I do want to be out of debt and be able to enjoy my paycheck a little more. Most importantly I want to start investing in myself. That means better equipment, better quality and investing in my future. I’m 24 and I don’t have my own retirement set up yet, that needs to be done like yesterday.

Freedom to be Creative

This year I promised myself that I will write a chapter/short story a week. Leading up to January I have been brainstorming ideas and writing outline. I need to get back to my writing roots. Creative writing has always been my first love and since I’ve been away from college I haven’t been writing as much as I should. Honestly even while in college I was focused on my journalism path so I only did non-fiction stories. Well now I’m going to start my book I keep saying that I’m going to do.

Not only do I was to be free to express myself through writing I want to explore the photography/videography skills. I have been obsessed with video production since my first visual media class. I would spend hours making the perfect cuts and adjusting sound. Seriously I miss messing with video so this year I want to get back in to it. So look forward to some fun videos!

Freedom to Explore

Besides my planned trip to Disney I hope to do a little more travelling this coming year. This past year we have done a lot of little trips and just random runs to the country. Alex has suffered from major anxiety that limited us but now that he’s medicated we can finally go out. Tinley loves going on “adventures” even if it’s across town to grandmas. More adventures are in our future! Hopefully I will be able to take you guys along the way!

Freedom to Stay

As in STAY HOME. This blog has always been a way for me to express myself and recently (like the last three months) I started making a small income off of it. Next year I want to use this money and invest it back into the blog to make it even better. I want better pictures, a better theme, and videos! My blog will forever be a part of me and I want to thank everyone who has subscribed or followed me on Instagram because it really has made this dream start to be a reality!

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14 thoughts on “My word of the year- Looking back and moving forward

  1. What a great text – sounds like a good plan for 2018! I only made one resolution: to stay as happy as I am…referring e. g. to the freedom to stay-section. I believe that once you reach a certain freedom, creativity flows automatically.
    I wish you all the best – and all the freedom you need – for 2018.

  2. That’s an amazing goal! Freedom is my main value in life, it’s really strong. I know that without this feeling I wouldn’t be able to be myself. I hope that this year will bring you all you really want!

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