Diaper Bag Essentials for a One Year Old

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I jumped on the diaper bag backpack train and I get it now. It’s so easy to just put it on and carry around my very heavy one-year old. I don’t carry as much as I did when she was a newborn but there are a few essentials I keep with me.

The Diaper bag is Little Unicorn, I mean really how cute is that, and is called the Marindale Diaper Backpack. It retails for $90 but I got mine for $50 off of Poshmark. I am not a huge fan of all leather bags so this one was perfect for me. I love that I can wear it around even after I’m not using it as a diaper bag. I did get the black one because I was thinking about Alex and I didn’t want it to be too girly. The quality is amazing and it is worth the price, which other trendy diaper bag backpacks are over $200 so I’ll take this one any day.


Diapers– This is a no brainer! We are still not out of the diaper stage and we actually use Huggies because when she was a newborn that’s all she would sleep in so it just kind of stuck. I love the little Mickey on all of them.

Wipes-Duh. I seriously don’t know how I lived my life without wipes. I use them for EVERYTHING! I was sent these Happy Little Camper Club wipes and I love them. Not only to wipe Tinley’s bum but wipe down pretty much anything. Since they have aloe in them I can wipe her face or hands without the risk of drying them out. They also have septic safe flushable wipes and even though we don’t have a septic system anymore that still really excites me.

Boogie Wipes– These babies came in handy when Tinley was sick. She would cry if I used a traditional Kleenex but she didn’t mind when I used these on her running nose. I even spotted Alex steal a few so his nose wouldn’t dry out from all of the wiping.

Sippy Cup– We have about twenty different types of cups for Tinley but her favorites are the NUK Learner Cups and Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups. She goes back and forth between the two and really doesn’t care as long as she has some water. Most of the time she drinks from our drinks but these come in handy in the car when we aren’t in the back seat with her.


Fruit Pouches– So I fail at making baby food, well I’m going to try it again this fall, but in the meantime I just get a huge pack of applesauce mixed with something. I throw one in the diaper bag every time we go out and we are out the door. I get the 48 count from Jet through Ebates so I get awesome deals plus a percentage back. Honestly that’s how I shop for pretty much anything anymore Jet and Amazon are life.

Popcorn Puffs– My daughter has an obsession with popcorn! I don’t know where it came from but she can’t get enough of it. I was worried that the kernels were going to choke her so I got the puffs instead and she didn’t skip a beat. We went on a long car ride Sunday and she was quiet the whole time because she had her puffs, #puffsforthewin!

Granola Bar– This is actually for me because you don’t want a hangry mommy, but I have given it to Tinley a time or two. Most of my food I have to share anyways so what’s new.

Fun/Random Stuff

Hair Bow– I try to keep a few neutral bows in the diaper bag just in case. Also for Tinley’s wardrobe pink is neutral and will most likely go with any outfit she’s wearing.

Pacifier– This is no longer an essential thank goodness! We have it in there for the just in case purposes but we try not to give it to her if at all possible.

Tsum Tsum– I don’t know who loves these little guys more, my daughter or my husband. We keep one in the diaper bag for something for her to play with in the car or distract her at a store. So far it’s been pretty effective but usually we have to hand over our phones on camera.

Mommy’s Goodies

Phone/Money– My own little essentials. Basic and not that fun.

Meal Planner– This bag is perfect for planners so if you’re a planner girl, get yourself one. It fits perfectly and there’s room for much more. The inside has two large pockets and ones a little padded so that’s where I keep my planner. This one has all of our meals for the week so I can just grab it while I’m shopping. I use the Deluxe Monthly Planner from Erin Condren and I will recommend it over and over it is amazing! 

I can really stuff this bag yet it seems empty. I seriously love having a backpack now. Let me know what diaper bag you use and what are your “fun” items!


7 thoughts on “Diaper Bag Essentials for a One Year Old

  1. I’m a mom too and my daughter is now 2 years old. We still use her diaper bag and take it with us everywhere we go. I really like the “Boogie Wipes.” They’re awesome and work really well. We now take our iPad with movies downloaded to it so that she can watch it when we’re at a restaurant and she gets fussy…hey, it works! LOL 🙂

    1. That’s an awesome idea! We already have an IPad with movies from our Florida trip so it may just have to make it’s way in there!

  2. Such a cute post! I can’t wait till I have kiddos of my own so I can carry own the adorable diaper bag! They make such cute ones these days.

    1. They really do! They also make inserts for all of the large totes as well so a Kate Spade can become a go-to diaper caddy!

    1. That’s why I love the tsum tsums they are little and you can stuff a bunch in there. We have the whole Frozen collection and it’s fun to see what one we pull out.

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