What I’ve Been Loving- Sick Baby Week

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Tinley and I have been sick all week! By sick I mean that baby had snot and who knows what else coming out of her. It was our first real illness so it was overdue. She so graciously passed it on to me as well. I’m feeling a little better today so I thought I would sit down and share a few things I have been loving lately.


Edible Cake Batter Cookie Dough -I know all cookie dough is edible but this kind made in my home state is served like pudding. It doesn’t have eggs or enriched flour in it. I am a total junkie already! I can’t wait to have more of my senses back so I can thoroughly enjoy it!

BodyArmor SuperDrink– Since I have been sick I have been loving these! My favorite flavor is the Orange Mango because Mango has to be my favorite flavor in any sort of drink. I have also tried the Strawberry Banana which is good, my body doesn’t have the greatest relationship with bananas. An extra plus of these if you’re nursing they are really hydrating and help your supply a whole ton!

Pedialyte Freezer Pops – My mom got these for Tinley but momma shamelessly took them over. She didn’t care for them that much because she really didn’t want anything in her mouth. I love how they feel on my achy throat and they help keep me hydrated.

Sargento Sharp Cheddar Sticks- Dude they are cheese sticks in sharp cheddar! I am a huge cheese fan and these have become a necessity and pick some up every shopping trip.


Zarbee’s Naturals Cough Syrup- I’m convinced this is just baby safe honey but hey it works! Like I said Tinley has been battling a really awful cold and this broke up all of her mucus. I’m tempted to take some myself.

Carter’s Summer Dresses- We seriously own all of the Carter’s summer line of dresses. They are just all on point and I can’t stop buying them! She got some for her birthday and I got her the rest during their huge sale. I used Ebates so I actually got money back on top of the huge savings!

Boogie Wipes– Again we’ve been sick and these have come in handy all week! Not only does it clear up snot that is coming out of her nose but also if she wakes up from her nap with it dried on it comes off easily. My child (I think most children) hates getting her face wiped and these only take a swipe or two and you’re done. They are lifesavers and worth the money.

Curious George- The last couple of weeks we’ve been having problems getting Tinley to sleep in her own bed at home. She would sleep just fine at her grandparents’ house but at home it was a battle. We finally thought maybe it’s because of her George. So we took him home and that night she slept the longest she’d had in a while. We then had to order one off eBay just in case and so George didn’t have to travel. He came in handy this week. Just look at my sick princess cuddling with her George.


Dreft Blissfuls– Before baby we used the Downy Scent boosters which are amazing but they could irritate baby’s skin. These are safe for baby and leave our clothes smelling amazing! Due to my sensitive skin we can’t use any detergent that has a scent in it so our clothes kind of just smell like our well which isn’t pleasant. These make them come out smelling fresh and so clean. I just washed my sheets and I can’t wait to just sniff them all up!

Puffs Plus with Vicks– Momma needed something a little extra in her tissues this week. Your nose will thank you if you’re sick these are amazing!

Poshmark– Since I’ve been at home I have been indulging in some online shopping but its guilt free because I’m using Poshmark. My big purchase was my new diaper bag which I’ll be featuring soon! I got a $100 for $50 you can’t beat that at all. I also got a few new pieces for work just to update what I wear during the week. If you sign up and use the code HWDOT you get $5 off your first purchase which is just shipping but still, this girl got 6 dresses for $50 it’s worth it. 

Erin Condren Hardbound Planner– I ordered my planner this weekend! I decided to go for the larger hardbound planner just because Wednesday is impossible for me to write in with the coil so I’m hoping that solves that problem. I will do a full review when I get it but I cannot wait! It’s also cheaper so if you wanted to check it out it’s totally worth the price for a large weekly planner. 

I’ve missed you guys this week and just blogging in general. I have few exciting posts planned so get excited! Let me know below what you love to do on Sundays and what you’ve been loving lately!

7 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Loving- Sick Baby Week

  1. Oh bless her with her curious George! I like the curious George to help get her to sleep! We struggled with our youngest to get her to sleep in her own Ben an we found the gro clock to be a miracle! I hope she is better now!

  2. The freezer pops are a must in my house when my kids are sick, they work so well! Also, it might sound odd, but peppermint oil in their baths was a little trick I found online somewhere and I loved it, cleared their sinuses up 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear your kid is sick! I enjoyed reading about some favorite products of yours that you have posted here!Thank you for sharing us this article.

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