Top Five Summer Pool Floats

Even though it’s rainy here in the Midwest and I am in a sweatshirt and leggings, I’m still thinking about summer time. Last summer was a blast with a newborn baby and this year I’m sure it is going to be ever more fun. Thankfully we have a pool at our disposal and only two doors down so I thought I’d share some of the pool floats that I am obsessed with for Tinley and for myself.


1. Bomb Pop Pool Float– My husband and I are obsessed with bomb pops, well more my husband than me. We have to keep them in the freezer all summer long. I can’t wait to see him in the pool bomb pop in hand floating on a bomb pop! This is also perfect for Fourth of July and really is the perfect summer pool float!
2. Pink Flamingo Baby Swim Ride-On Float – I have seen the flamingo pool floats everywhere! They are super trendy right now and have pretty much every color even rose gold. When I saw one for babies I knew it had to be mine, well Tinley’s I guess. It is actually really cheap for pool floats and the reviews are excellent. I can’t wait to break this baby out and take countless Instagram pictures!
3. Avocado Pool Float– Umm, yes please! I live for avocado anything! Who needs a donut or pineapple when you can float your troubles away on this avocado? Seriously I could not love it more, it is me in a pool float.
4. Stingray Ride-On Pool Float – This is another one for the kiddos! Ever since I played with the sting rays I just love them! They are the puppies of the ocean. Tinley also loves sting rays because of Moana. This one is really cute and I think it is something a little different.
5. Wave Rider Ride-On – Alex and I are looking forward to riding our big kid wave riders so I thought Tinley should have one of her own. She may not be able to ride it in the pool this summer but when she’s a little older I’m sure she will have a blast on one. She loves anything motorized and water so this is the perfect combination of the two.

What pool float is your favorite? Or what is your favorite pool float I didn’t mention? Leave them in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Top Five Summer Pool Floats

  1. I love these! I need that Flamingo in my life…just wish I had a pool! Growing up we had a blue whale float and a killer whale too. They were so much fun when I was a kid!

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