Tinley’s birth story

13076647_10208182250089457_6187350161304371676_nMy baby girl is finally here! My last update I was overdue so it is no surprise that about a week later she is here, but actually the Monday following that post is when I went into labor.

I am always interested in women’s birth stories and I was always asking for them. I know so women don’t want to think about being in labor for hours, the complications that could happen or pray they are one of the lucky ones and push them out with no effort but I really love hearing all different experiences. My experience was something I never expected and at times I was scared that I wouldn’t follow my birth plan and I did try to change it midway, at the end of the day I am so happy I have my beautiful baby girl.

My labor started on Monday the 18th when I went in for a non-stress test and during this test I was actually having contractions. My biggest fear nearing the end of the pregnancy I was worried I wouldn’t feel my contractions and here I was sitting there having contractions without feeling a thing. After my test I met with my doctor and she gave me news that made my stomach completely drop.

It was discovered that I had preeclampsia which resulted in high blood pressure, protein in my urine, and major swelling in my legs and feet. This condition could have been potentially fatal to myself as well as the baby so I was sent straight to the maternity ward at my hospital for 24 hour observation. I was put on Pitocin to hopefully get labor started on its own.

Tuesday morning when my doctor came to check on me I was still not dilated enough so she discussed breaking my bag or possibly another drug that would speed things along and start my contractions. She also gave me to go ahead to eat solid food and after a day of just liquids I couldn’t wait to dig into my French toast and bacon.

By mid-day my doctor came back and told me that she didn’t want to break my water because there was a risk that the baby still may not come out on her own. She didn’t want to risk it and have me still need a c-section. She suggested another method and we decided to go that route, I couldn’t tell you what the drug was but oh man did it work. Within a few minutes I could actually feel my contractions.

After about a half hour my water broke on its own and the ball started rolling. They checked to see how far dilated I was and just all of the overwhelming emotions I cried for an epidural. I wasn’t dilated enough to receive it just then but my doctor did put the order in, while I had to suffer through contractions to get to at least 3-4 centimeters dilated.

I got through the first ones just on positive thought and talking them through with my mom and Alex. I did have some moments that I had to raise my voice and it was hard for me to breathe through them. After a while I couldn’t stand it anymore I needed some other coping technique and the only thing I could think of was taking a shower. When I have really bad cramps showers always makes the pain disappear, so I thought it would do the same in this instance. Oh man was I right I loved the hot water hitting me and there was even a bench I could sit on when they got too rough.

The shower was amazing but the effects were wearing off and my contractions were relentless. I got out and the nurse checked to see how far along I was, I was eight centimeters dilated. When she told me that the only thing that I could say is “what?” I was so angry that I had to go through all of that without the epidural. Even though I was following my birth plan in the moment I was angry. I went from 1.5 inches to 8 inches dilated in a span of two hours and streamlined right into delivery.

I was pushing for almost three hours and thankfully had no tearing or episiotomy so recovery was quick and I was able to hold my baby right away. After almost 36 hours of being in labor seeing her face made it all worth it.

Tinley Ann Miller was born at 11:54 pm April, 19th weighing in at 6 lbs 11 oz and measuring 19.5 inches long. She is absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to watch her grow and raise her.

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