Target Renewal Beauty Box

After the Refresh Beauty Box I was so excited to receive the Renewal one but really I should’ve stayed with the Refresh, the Renewal was disappointing to say the least.


I will start with what I found the most disappointing which was the hair care item that came in this box. The Frizz Ease hairspray smelt disgusting I gave one spray and threw it out right after. I have been using Dove hairspray religiously for years now so I’ve been spoiled by their fresh scent, but I still think other hairsprays should at least have a decent smell to them. The Clear conditioner and shampoo are a nice travel size and has a lot of product it also left my hair feeling not so soft and overall I think I will use it when I travel but it won’t be something I repurchase. The only hair item that was worth a darn was the hair ties, with my thick hair I go through a hair tie in a day so the way these are designed as a braided hair tie really work for my hair type. They may have sold me on these ones and if I ever need more I know where to go!

The skin care in this box was also sort of a wash I love the exfoliating pads as well as the make-up wipes but the two lotions were a total flop. The day by Acure I am still on the fence about its citrus which my face loves but it also has a hint of baby powder smell that really gets in my nose. I am also going through a really bad breakout due to entering the third trimester and my hormones are everywhere so I can’t tell if it’s helping my face or not. The Nip + Fab Skin exfoliating wipes were a lot of fun to have they also are citrus and make my skin so smooth after cleansing. My routine while using this box was to remove my make-up with the Micellar wipes from Simple, cleansing my face with my normal cleanser and following it up with the exfoliating pads right before bed. I feel the improvement and everywhere besides where I am breaking out looks flawless.

The last two items I could’ve done without, well one I couldn’t even use because it had almond oil and really the directions were super confusing. The Nivea In-Shower body lotion you have to wash your body, put the lotion on and then rinse off again. I much rather prefer the Jergen’s lotion that I put on right out of the shower and just dry off like usual no additional rinsing. I didn’t get to actually try this product out because of it being almond oil but the concept just doesn’t seem practical to me. Finally the last product I literally went without because there was barely any lotion in it at all. The Marlow Extra Moisturizing Body Lotion kind of had a cucumber scent I want to say I don’t for sure because there wasn’t enough to really smell it. I didn’t smell any of the extracts it claimed to have had in it that’s for sure, I do like that it is cruelty free so I would’ve liked to have actually tried this product. Maybe in a future box I will actually get a sample with the actual lotion inside to get a good review of it.

Let me know which box you preferred in the comment section below!

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