target refresh box

Subscription services really open my mind to new products that I wouldn’t try otherwise. I have been receiving ipsy and Birchbox for a while now but most of the products weren’t affordable in my budget. I knew about the Target Beauty Box I just never got in there fast enough to pick one up until now! They released two boxes for the month of January and somehow I snagged up both of them. I haven’t received the second one yet but I did get a very frozen Target Refresh Beauty Box.


This was the one I was the most excited for because it included a mascara and I love a good mascara. Unfortunately this was not a good mascara at all, it clumped and the brush made it awkward to put on. After having it on it made my eyes dry, mind you I have sensitive eye balls especially to mascara, and this is soon going to be thrown away. The Caress body wash will also not be used just because I use a bar soap from a local shop and I really don’t want to mess up my skin’s balance with a new type of product.

The rest of the box was perfect though I have been meaning to try a spray deodorant I just haven’t needed to buy a new one yet and the shampoos are a new brand that is refreshing to see free of all the junk that is not good for your hair or body. The face mask and lotion were the real MVPs of the box! Due to the cold and my ever stretching skin I have been going through lotion like crazy and this is a nice little twist. I didn’t notice it do anything that spectacular but Alex said my skin was soft so it must’ve worked. I love face masks and this was the first time I tried one with a pre-cut mask that I didn’t have to wash off afterwards. My face felt so happy afterwards and I think it has converted me to get more masks like this and hopefully it will improve my skin a little bit more as the serum works its magic. The headband was also helpful while having the mask on it is a nice bright color and I can’t wait until I can work out again to really put it to the test! The BB cushion is a product I have used before and it is nice coverage for a BB cream and really I like anything I can just put on and go.

Overall seven out of nine is really awesome for a $7 box plus a $3 off coupon for any beauty purchase of $15 doesn’t hurt. I don’t know if I will repurchase any of these, maybe the mask, but it was fun to try them all out!

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