Sweet Kawaii Design Love

I have posted about Sweet Kawaii Design inserts for my personal planners but I also love her stickers! 

They are on repositional printed vinyl so you can reuse them if you want to, which is such a deal! 

Not only that but they are just so cute! Even mundane tasks gets me excited because of their sweet Kawaii faces. 

I am also a big fan of the shop owner, Tesia. She posts weekly release videos and is very active on social media. When you post something on her Facebook group she always comments on your post and if you comment on her videos or Instagram posts she either likes it or replies. 

She also is looking out for her customers and listens to them. She has a recommendation section on her Facebook page and follows through with a lot of not all of them she can. Plus she has a Sweet Kawaii Fit group so we can share our fitness journeys. 

So order some of her adorable stickers yourself and do me a favor and take a sniff. They smell amazing and take you back to simpler summer days! She always has coupon codes and join her Facebook group for surprise flash sales! 

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