Sunday Fun Day

Yesterday’s weather was beautiful so we decided to take a little road trip. 

This wasn’t just any road trip, it was our first drive in my husband’s Saturn Red Line. 

My husband loves his car and is fast to remind you it is a performance car not a sports car. I just see a money pit but we all have our interests. Tinley loves how fast it goes and she is my little speed demon. Her favorite thing is having the wind in her hair and the sound of exhaust, she’s her father’s daughter. 

We first went out to give Alex’s friend a ride in his race car, but really we went so I can play with his Great Dane puppy and throw Tinley in his Lovesac. Before your mind wanders it’s just a huge bean bag chair filled with memory foam. Tinley recently got a bean bag chair of her own so she loved it! 

After his house we went off shopping for adult stuff like towels and coffee creamer. The real excitement was once we got back into town one of my Facebook friend shared she was selling Girl Scout cookies at the local grocery store. I finally scored some s’mores cookies! 

We ended the night at Alex’s parents where Tinley demolished some goulash. 

Our weekend was pretty mild but I couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday. Beautiful weather shared with friends and family, I was smiling all day. I can’t wait for many more weekends outside!

12 thoughts on “Sunday Fun Day

  1. That lovesac looks amazing! I could imagine having several of those in my classroom! It seems very sensory-friendly for my sensory-seekers!

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