Storybook Halloween- Costume ideas for toddlers

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Tinley can finally walk around to trick-or-treat this year! Last year we did carry her around to trick-or-treat, but there’s just something about them being able to go up to the houses by themselves. Since this is her first trick-or-treating experience I wanted her costume to be perfect. It had to comfortable, cute, unique and since I live in the Midwest, warm.

I did want to go as a family theme this year but my husband isn’t playing along. Even my niece and nephew are too headstrong to try to force a costume idea on. So Tinley and I will follow a theme. In the years to come I think that might happen a lot. Our theme we will be following this year is classic story book characters.

Tinley’s Halloween Costume

Tinley has fallen in love with her Curious George stuffed animal! She has always needed something to cuddle with to sleep and this has stuck with her. We have two actually for her great-grandparents’’ house and at home. George and Tinley are inseparable and he has come in handy for sleep training. So when it came to brainstorming for her Halloween costume George was my inspiration. He is going to join the fun with Tinley this year because she’s going to be The Man in the Yellow Hat. Well the cutest baby girl in a yellow outfit!

For the main outfit I was going to find something from Old Navy but I actually found a top and bottom set from Amazon. It’s only $8 with shipping and you can’t beat that especially since she can wear it again. Maybe not together again but separately in different outfits. The hat is going to be replaced with a Curious George bow because I don’t think she will keep a hat on all night. A bow is a safer bet and will answer any questions as to what she is dressed up as. Ted (the man) does wear a tie but I think we are going to axe that from the outfit. My mom might make something really quick but if not I won’t be disappointed. To complete the outfit we are going to stuff the pants into her cute Gap boots! Stalk my Instagram for photos!

My Halloween Costume

This year I’m between two costume choices Madeline or Olivia the Pig. Both are really similar I just have to decide what color dress I want to get. The dress can also be found on Amazon as well. Madeline is really a no brainer since I do have the same hair color and currently length. I just can’t find the right hat so if you do leave the link below! If I do find the hat then all I have to do is tie a ribbon around my collar and I’m good. Like I said this might be the one I go with sans the hat if I can’t find one in time.

The Olivia costume is adorable but there’s one drawback, the dress. I don’t see myself wearing the red dress again because it’s just not my style. This costume requires black and white striped tights that I have already seen everywhere! Throw some pig ears on and it’s complete. Olivia might not be well known to most people though so that another drawback. Madeline is such a beloved character but Olivia is really cute.

Let me know who I should go as for Halloween and leave your costumes in the comments below!

21 thoughts on “Storybook Halloween- Costume ideas for toddlers

  1. i think the olivia idea is so cute – i love to find ways like this to dress up & be festive without being in some crazy over the top, store bought costume

  2. I love Olivia. What a fun costume idea. I like the Curious George costume. It is so important that the little ones be comfortable and feel special because Halloween can be a little overwhelming.

  3. I love Halloween costumes on little kids. It is so cute! My brother once dressed up as Little Foot when he was tiny, and it is still the more adorable Halloween I think we ever had. XD I love your ideas!

  4. The Olivia idea looks cute and a perfect idea for an emergency halloween costume.
    I like the red color dress!

  5. Such an easy and cute costume! I love when I can wear my “costume” for everyday life! The dresses you are thinking of wearing are just cute on its own!

    Sondra xx

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