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IMG_0478I’ve mentioned the soap I use in my skin care post, but I thought it deserved its own post entirely because this stuff is magic.

After I started college I found a red rash on my stomach and immediately my mom and I thought it was ring worm because it was going around my school, so we headed off to the doctor to get it check out. Thankfully it wasn’t ring worm but my doctor told me it was eczema and I was also showing signs of it on my legs as well. He said if I didn’t get it under control then rashes like the one I had on my stomach would break out even more and would be harder to get rid of, he suggested I change my body wash as well as use a super moisturizing lotion.

I had friends who had eczema but I never thought I would ever have it I was super lack about using lotion and would use shower gels from Bath and Body Works I didn’t really pay attention to my skin care at the time I was eighteen nothing bad ever happens to eighteen year-olds, right?

After telling Alex and his mom what was going on with me she gave me a bar of soap from a local soap shop and it was heaven! I haven’t used anything else on my body since, well Dove body wash here or there but I’m pretty much exclusively using the soap from the Oregon Soap Shoppe.

I love all of their soaps and the best part is I can have any scent without the worry that I will break out my skin. That was part of the reason I got eczema because I was using products that were irritating my sensitive skin and I would just cover it up with more irritating lotion and ignoring the problem. I finally got out of that harmful cycle but was still able to smell amazing and actually their scents are way more diverse than anything I have found in stores.

It took a few weeks for my skin to recover from my years of torture and during that time I didn’t use a scented soap, I actually used their “Secret Weapon” soap that is supposed to be used to clear breakouts either on your face or body if you have stubborn acne. This soap had the most moisture to it and it’s the least harsh on the skin. I just wanted to play it safe at first and it cleared everything up within a week or so.

I then moved on to the scents and I played with a few here or there, but I really fell in love with their lilac scent. I have used that for almost two years now, I do have to stock up on it though because it’s a seasonal scent only released in the spring. I just now am branching out to their other scents just to switch it up a little bit.

Alex goes between two scents, well kinda, he has two in the shower but he usually only uses “Boyfriend” it smells like a man should smell and I love it. The other is “Eucalyptus” and he uses that when he’s stressed because the scent is calming.

They have a wide range of scents and soaps infused with essential oils, like tea tree and they even have a super moisturizing goat’s milk, oatmeal and honey soap. They even have soaps that help you sleep!  Their soap isn’t just for your body either it can be used on your hair or if you get a nice lather it’s the perfect shave cream. For guys though they do make pots of shaving cream that are refillable.

The Oregon Soap Shoppe also has a range of soaps made for babies which a little one on the way I am over the moon about. It’s formulated to be sensitive enough for their soft skin. What I love the most is that their baby soaps are also infused with essential oils that induce sleep, so after a bath my baby will slowly drift into dreamland and maybe I can jump in the shower!

They really have soap for the whole family and for every occasion. They have a pet bar for Fido the relives hot spots and that is something I need in my pup’s life. They also have job specific soaps whether you’re an outdoorsmen that has to blend in, a doctor or nurse that washes their hands all day in need of something ultra-moisturizing or a stressed out college students that needs that time in the shower to relax.

This shop really has thought of it all for you, visit their website and try a bar yourself I promise you won’t regret it! They do ship or if you’re in the area stop in and they can tell you exactly what you need!

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  1. I love the Sunshine Patchouli! It’s my all time favorite! And I use the Hair Growth Soap for my scalp and eyebrows too!

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