His Skin Care-Taking an After Shave Journey

Well blog say hello my adorable husband Alex! I thought it would be fun to do a His and Her skin care series to compare our skin care routines.

I partnered with this awesome LOCAL company for this post and Alex was excited to be a part of the blog this week! Captain’s Choice aspires to make shaving an experience rather than a mundane morning routine. They have countless different scents that take your man on his desired journey. Alex liked the sample pack the most because he could try a new scent throughout the week.


Alex’s routine starts with shaving cream and Captain’s Choice does make shaving cream to match your aftershave but he had some from the Oregon Soap Shoppe that’s he’s been dying to try out. It also comes in a cheeky little mug and I got him a forest green (his favorite color) lather brush.

He doesn’t have too unruly facial hair, but I do make him shave his mustache ASAP. I’m not a fan at all. Since it is getting warmer out he does shave more of his beard. He doesn’t like to be clean shaven because he doesn’t want to look twelve.

It was so fascinating to watch him do his thing. He did chose the Sandalwood scent and he said it took him back to his childhood. He said he was taken back to the beaches of Tennessee and he loved how subtle the scent was. 

I personally love the ingredients in the aftershave. I am an essential oils girl and this aftershave is only essential oils. The Witch’s Hazel gives it a soothing sensation that Alex was pretty surprised about.

Overall he gave it a 10/10 and we will be buying more and supporting a local business! I’m just jealous that his skin care is that easy and it’s silky smooth. Let me know if you want to see more of Alex on the blog and don’t forget to check out my Instagram for a giveaway!


4 thoughts on “His Skin Care-Taking an After Shave Journey

  1. I always suffer from post shaving and my skin itches a lot after. I usually use vaseline lotion to keep it calm but leaves the skin dry afterwards. I will definitely give the oil a go!

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