Shopping Addiction-How I’m solving my shopping problem

It’s no surprise that I love shopping. Buying a new house a setting finial goals for myself made me look at what I spend my money on though. A lot of my extra earnings are spent on impulse shopping. This year I have made it priority to only buy clothing I know I will wear for seasons to come! 

Taking a good look at my closet

Most of my closet is full of pieces that I donate or try to sell at the end of the year. I contemplated a capsule wardrobe but that was just not my lifestyle. Instead I took a long hard look at my clothes and tried to find a buying pattern. I also had to think how I wanted to dress and what styles I really love. This really opened my eyes and since then when I’ve gone shopping, even with a gift card, I’ve been strict about what I buy. 

Honestly I love this new mindset I’ve created for myself. Yes it does take some more searching but I know it’s going to be a piece I wear over and over. Shopping should be more calculated especially when you’re on a budget. It only took me about 12 years to discover that. 

I discovered something about myself and my style that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. My taste in clothing is the same as my decorating. I’m drawn to light and airy colors. Whites, blues and grays will now dominate my closet. Greens will be interjected here or there. After all I am a red head and I look amazing in army green, plus it’s my power color. 

In this exercise I really just looked for patterns. I love anything high neck, fit & flare and long. Anything that was too tight and just didn’t make me feel comfortable got tossed. It really felt liberating to get rid of stuff that really didn’t make me feel happy anymore. Moving forward I only want to buy pieces that make me feel happy. Also I want clothes that look with the body I have not the body I want. 

Shopping to End Shopping Addiction? 

ThredUP is helping me create the wardrobe I love, it’s so easy! I can filter the colors I want and my size so I don’t have to get excited about a piece and it not be my size.  Plus I can get designer brands for 70% and then some. If you want $10 off your first order follow this link:

I’m not gonna hide it but I get $10 too but girl needs to build a wardrobe. Win-win for both of us, but if you don’t want to I get it. Sometimes they run 40% off your first order up to $50. If that is more of a savings for you then go for it, save that money! 

ThredUP allows me to get good designer pieces for nothing. I can get investment pieces for 70% off. These higher brands last longer and will stay in my closet longer than something from Forever 21. I can shop my favorite brands without leaving my house which is a big draw for me. Here’s a sample of what’s in my shopping cart now: 

Also returns are amazing! All I had to do was put the pieces that didn’t fit back into the box and print off the slip. The last order I got I sent back two items and it was a breeze. Usually when I shop it’s such a hassle in returning the items I keep them until I clean out my closet. That is wasted money and I’m not doing that anymore. It’s USPS too so I threw it in the mailbox and called it good. 

What are your favorite pieces in your closet right now? Also what colors are you drawn to in decorating and clothing? 

33 thoughts on “Shopping Addiction-How I’m solving my shopping problem

  1. Good tips. The internet has made impulse buying way too easy. And drunk shopping on Amazon is a thing, too. There’s nothing like the “hmmm, what’s in this box” feeling when you don’t know what you ordered!

  2. Totally agree with Karin, the internet has made impulse buying way too easy. I used to find myself on my favorite online stores with a full shopping cart all the time! I’d leave it all there for a few days and if I was still thinking about it, I’d go back & delete a few items and keep it a few more days before finally deciding to purchase some of the items. Ricky is good with keeping me in check šŸ™‚

  3. I think impulse buying is way too easy with internet shopping and how easy it is to just click and buy. The last few years I’ve tended to pick some classic pieces but have spent more on them so they last more than one season as some fashion items are just not made to last and this in itself can be quite wasteful

  4. I also need to address my shopping problem! I’ve been way too into fast fashion shopping lately, and while I love the on-trend pieces, I definitely am not making long-term investments with my money. Great tips here! xoxo

  5. Impulse shopping can definitely be a problem–way to go getting a handle on it! I have heard of Thred Up but haven’t tried it out… I think I need to! šŸ™‚

  6. I also have a shopping addiction. But I’ve made some good progress in the past several months. I only bought what I needed in the span of those several months instead of new clothing I didn’t really need. Yay for saving money and overcoming addictions!

  7. I definitely need to address my shopping habit as well and these are great tips to get started. I’ve wanted to try ThreadUp for a while myself, but haven’t made the jump yet. Great post!

    1. Do it! I’m seriously planning my Disney outfits and it’s a breeze! Plus I know they are quality items. I have a J.Crew dress in my cart for under $15 that is the perfect “Cinderella blue”

  8. I need to thrift more of my clothes but it’s so much work taking pictures of them and all. But good for you for getting the ball rolling!

    1. I donate all of my unwanted clothes or give them away to friends. I try to help out the environment any way I can.

  9. It’s so easy to go a little crazy with shopping especially with amazon and online websites. I love ThredUp. Great post.

    1. Working in a corporate environment it’s next to impossible to not shop. Also I have a new body to dress (mom bod) so I am in need of new clothes.

  10. Such a great post. It’s far too easy to shop now and far too often we all end up with a like if stuff we’re lucky to wear once. Great tips. The he shirt is stunning by the way xo

  11. I just sent a ton of stuff to ThredUp! I love that I can donate what I don’t wear anymore and then shop with credits for new pieces that I know I will wear!

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