How Shoes Can Change Your Whole Outfit

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I never feel like my outfit is finished until I choose my shoes. Shoes determine how my whole day will go: how comfortable my feet will be, my ease of walking, how my outfit is displayed to others. I frequently get compliments on my shoes when I go out and a lot of it has to do with how I show them off. It’s just a matter of what aura I want to give off that day.

To show exactly how they can change the mood, I’m going to show off my shoes simply with a pair of jeans rather than with a whole outfit.


Dr. MartensBlack combat boots

Boots on their own each have their own personality. There are different styles, different colors, and just different feels to each of them!

Each of these boots leaves a completely impression. If I’m feeling more girly, I’d go with the pink heeled boots. If I’m feeling more punk, I can go with the black, beat-up boots. If I want a combination of the two, I’d go with my Dr. Martens (I frequently choose the Dr. Martens). Plus so many other branches with other boots!



Heels can add a sophisticated element to any look – even jeans! Just like I can make a skirt dressed-down with a pair of rough boots, I can make jeans dressed-up with a pair of heels! When I’m going out and don’t want to put a whole dress or skirt look together, I just add some heels to a jean-centered outfit. Perfect!

I also frequently add heels to an outfit – whether that be regular heels or heeled boots – to make my legs look longer. I’m not the tallest lady, so whenever a shoe can make my legs look longer, it completely changes how I feel about an outfit.

I first saw this look years ago via a fashion blogger that I love so I decided to try it. It made even jeans feel powerful!


Flip flops

In my opinion, sandals are a statement of warm weather. I’m happy whenever I am wearing any type of sandal. I feel freer. But you can be free with style! My flip flops have some sparkle in them to make them exciting! My sandals, while black, have such an intricate design that they make anything look cool!



Like boots, flats have so many different styles as well. You could go street or you could go casual or you could go exercise with a sneaker – plus a million other options. I’m not a huge flat person usually, but I love all of the variety I’ve seen on other people!

Let me know which look was our favorite and what is your favorite type of shoe? 

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  1. I always find a GREAT outfit – and I always forget about what shoes I am going to put with it! Then I am stuck on pinterest trying to see what would be good with them ahaha! I am so happy I came across your blog, the shoe options are amazing!

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