Saving money while going green- 5 simple changes you can do today

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A lot of people think going green is expensive but it can actually save you money! Here are my top ways to save our planet while saving money.I live in Illinois which ranks 10th in least green state and 4th in worst toxic exposure from the EPA (Source).  So yeah I want to make my footprint a little smaller and be the solution instead of the problem.

Getting a green thumb

It’s a little late in the season for a lot of plants but you can start a garden in almost every season. All you have to do is have your location on and Google plants that plant in insert month here. I did this and in my area I can still plant a lot in late-July and into August. In my area I can still plant spinach, kale, and lettuce. More hardy vegetables and plants usually can survive the first frost and are perfect for late-summer planting. There are a ton of plants you can grow all year round inside as well, my favorites are romaine and avocados obviously. Romaine actually grows in 11 days if you give it a lot of sun and change the water everyday. That’s saving money for me because romaine is always on my shopping list. Even having an herb garden instead all year long will really save you some cash while helping the environment.

My father-in-law always plants a garden and we benefit from the abundant green beans and beautiful broccoli.
My father-in-law always plants a garden and we benefit from the abundant green beans and beautiful broccoli.

Buying Secondhand

This can go for pretty much anything. I am a big secondhand shopper! Goodwill is an amazing place to get clothes as well as Plato’s closet if you’re local to them. Poshmark and Mercari are great apps to find gently used items as well. My personal favorite way to buy second hand is using ThredUp, this is also my favorite method of selling my clothes. Most of my maternity clothes and designer pieces are from ThredUp. Thankfully I also get to shop out of my sisters’ closets when they get tired of something I get first dibs, but if you don’t have a sister maybe get with a friend and do a clothes swap. 

If you’re not looking for clothes see if there’s a Habitat for Humanity ReStore near you, they have everything for your home. Being a new home owner I have a feeling I will be living there for the years to come. Not only will I be helping an amazing organization but I will also get building materials for super cheap! Their carpet remnants are only $0.99 a yard. Facebook buy, sell and trade groups are the perfect place to find amazing deals as well. A lot of my furniture I’ve gotten off of Facebook groups and they have become my favorite pieces. So the next time you need something get creative and look outside of the department store. You may find some amazing deals that will save you hundreds! Also while it’s still nice out always be on the hunt for garage sales, I got my dressers/side tables for $65 each at garage sale and they are perfect for our bedroom. 

Switching your cleaning products

It may seem daunting at first put slowly switching over to green cleaning products will save you big time in the long run. When I became pregnant with Tinley I also became obsessed with having natural cleaning products. I wouldn’t even allow Windex in the house. I didn’t want to mess with homemade DIY cleaning solutions because I’m not well-versed in essential oils. I was a loss to find the right cleaning products for my family until now.

 I have teamed up with Pur-Home Clean to show you some alternative safe and natural cleaning products. This company I found by chance on Instagram and I fell in love with their mission and their products. Not only are their products natural but their laundry container is biodegradable. They sent me the multi-surface cleaner and my husband got a hold of it first and he wanted to use it all over the house! This bottle is full of magic! The toilets in the new house had a buildup we just couldn’t get rid of until we sprayed it with this multi-surface cleaner. Seriously this stuff rocks! I’m also a fan of their wool dryer balls because I’m allergic to everything and these little balls make your clothes softer than any dryer sheet ever will.

If you’re looking to make the switch like I did they have an amazing essentials bundle. For only $30 you will have cleaners that will last you a few months if not more. That is an awesome deal for cleaning products and would make a great house warming/dorm gift!

Buying in bulk

This is an upfront cost but really saves you in the grand scheme of things. Now that I have a freezer I will be buying a lot more in bulk this summer. Buying a whole or half a cow saves on the energy needed to process the cow and since it’s usually local they’re usually more conservative with their energy.  Not only can you freeze meat but fruit, vegetables and cheeses.

It is important when you do buy in bulk though to freeze or store right away in an airtight container. Glass or freezer safe containers are amazing! Those plastic bags are tempting because they seem cheap and easy but when you’re constantly replacing them you’re not only hurting the environment but your wallet as well.

Buy Local

Buying local not only saves you money and the planet but also creates a healthy community commerce. Whenever I can I will buy from local farmers and check out our farmer’s market. The prices are amazing! Most of the produce is grown ethically and with few chemicals. At the end of a particular growing season I usually buy up a bunch to freeze too.

We also buy our meat local and that saves us a ton throughout the year! Well for us it’s free because we get it from my husband parents’ freezer but overall it is cheaper.  If you want to save even more implement a meatless Monday or some day of the week and enjoy locally grown veggies and fruits.

Our new family tradition is to go pick blueberries every July. For only $3/lb yes POUND, it is a steal. My husband absolutely loves hunting for blueberries! Tinley just likes eating them even if they’re still green. It’s fun to see her pick them off though and she is so proud of herself for getting one. I can’t wait to see her grow in the blueberry patch!


Out doing our new yearly tradition, picking blueberries! Seriously where else can you get amazing blueberries for $3/lb

Let me know in the comments below how you go green while saving money! Also check out Pur-Home I promise you, you will be sniffing your counters forever after using the multi-surface cleaner!

10 thoughts on “Saving money while going green- 5 simple changes you can do today

  1. Great ideas and some I am already doing. Such as purchasing second hand. I was thinking about planting a few late crops so thank you for the tip on that as well.

  2. I have a shop so I love to buy local. I do very little online shopping because I know that if the local shops shut because there wasn’t enough trade I would be very sad!

    Enjoy the journey!

    1. I love shopping local! I also have small businesses and I tell people to shop local all of the time.

  3. Thanks for the tips. Now the question is, how do you start your garden? Do you start with store bought seeds? Or do you start with scraps from vegetables you had prior? I only ask because I want to start a garden, but don’t know which is easier to start with.

    1. I personally start from seeds that I start inside then transplant them outside. You can also start with scraps. I’m going to try to grow romaine because I read it will grow in 11 days and I am a huge romaine lover. Whatever works for your lifestyle. If you have the space outside I think a traditional garden would be amazing.

  4. These are some excellent tips! I love growing my own food; it’s a great feeling knowing that I’m saving money and helping the planet!

  5. I’ve tried “going green”. I’d say I’m semi-green (I actually say “semi-crunchy”, lol). I have replaced my cleaning products, and most of my personal products, to more natural products with WAY less chemicals. I absolutely LOVE using my essential oils to create DIY personal and household products! Those little bottles, aren’t cheap, BUT they last FOREVER! 🙂

  6. I love these ideas! They’re not hard to do, they save money, AND they keep you green: win-win-win! I especially like the idea of shopping second hand. Thanks for sharing!

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