What I really want for Mother’s Day- Featuring my favorite bow shop

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I have seen so many posts buzzing around about what mom really wants for Mother’s Day. This got me thinking about what I wanted.

For me personally I told my husband I would love a new Erin Condren. This is my way of relaxing and is something I really enjoy. That is my biggest recommendation, find something she really enjoys and is her “thing.” She will appreciate that you have been paying attention to her.

Besides materialist things for Mother’s Day, I want time with my family. I want to play in the grass with my daughter and watch my husband put something together for her.

I want to spend the day smiling. I want my daughter to keep her bow in her hair!

These bows are from Oaks Ave and because the band is a little thicker than most, it stays so much better. I also think it is more comfortable for her that’s why it stays on for most of the day. Tinley’s hair is so fine and silky that most bows just fall out without a clip. This band is perfect though and I wish I had some when she was smaller.

It’s no mystery that I love putting bows on Tinley. As a girl mom I love dressing her up. Finishing off her outfit with a bow gives me so much joy. It’s all about the little things!

For my Mother’s Day I want to sit by my lilac bush and have a picnic with my little family. I want to smell the sweet scent every time the wind blows. Lilacs are my favorite flowers and I could sniff them every time I step outside.

I don’t want much for Mother’s Day, just time. That’s all your mom wants too. Your time is the most valuable thing you can give. Show your mom you care. Facetime for hours, take a fun road trip to see her or just drop off fresh baked cookies and sit and talk to her. Give your mom a little bit of your time this Mother’s Day and that will be the best gift she will get all year.

5 thoughts on “What I really want for Mother’s Day- Featuring my favorite bow shop

  1. That’s a lovely bow! Agree, besides gifts, spending quality time with my family would make my mother’s day wish complete. Have a great mother’s day to you!

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