Rag Tie Rug

IMG_0690Well the nursery is finally finished, well minus her monogram above the crib, and the finishing touch was a very cool DIY. I wish I could say I made it but my mom but all of the work into creating this amazing rug for Tinley’s bedroom. I always wanted something that was sensory and pretty and other rag tie rugs half this size was twice the price. Those rugs were also the wrong color for the room and just weren’t right, so we decided to make our own which turned into my mom making it completely.

The rug itself is really fun to play with and easily customize-able. We used flannel fabric just so it was soft enough for baby to grab, but really you can use up any fabric. I know the next time my mom is going to use up scraps of plaid which will turn out so cool!

Here is a short video on how we did it!


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