Making the decision to Exclusively pump

I am here to tell all new moms that breastfeeding is hard. I wasn’t told this at all so I thought I was doing something wrong when it didn’t come naturally like I was disillusioned it would. Also I am here to tell you just because your baby is perfect latching on and you have no issues at the hospital doesn’t mean it will come as easily at home. I don’t want to scare any new mom away from breastfeeding because it is rewarding, it’s just really hard and I felt like it was especially hard for me.

I don’t know how many times I wanted to throw in the towel and ask her doctor what formula I should put her on. I can’t tell you how many nights I was up crying with the baby because she wasn’t latching on or because I had mastitis and it killed to have her latch. Here I am though still giving her breastmilk and plan to until the year mark.

I say it that way because I no longer nurse my baby, after the second time I got mastitis I was recommended to just pump and give her that breastmilk. Once I switched it was like the lights shined down from heaven. Not only was I happier but Tinley was finally acting like she was full and satisfied not to mention she wasn’t crying because she couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t getting milk. I don’t even feel bad about losing out on that bond because it was getting to the point that I resented every time she was showing signs of hunger. I still nurse her here or there just because I don’t feel like getting up to get a bottle but this way works better for everyone.

I never thought I would be someone that would advocate for breastfeeding because of the hard time I had with it but if your baby will latch and you get passed the first 6 weeks stay with it as long as you can. Even if your baby doesn’t have a good latch and you get sick like I did, pump it out. Breastmilk really is what is best for your baby and a $200 pump is worth it because you still save money on not having to buy formula every week.

It is just so hard and I don’t blame anyone if they can’t do it, breastfeeding was one of the hardest things I had to do in my life and I say this after naturally going through child birth. Even if you can’t nurse I am an advocate for pumping and if you can’t do either then that’s okay to, I am all for fed is best movement

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