My Favorite Fitness Planner inserts

I’m warning you now pretty much all of my planner posts will probably be gushing about Sweet Kawaii Design. I love all of her stickers, inserts and planner accessories not to mention the shop owner is a sweetheart!

I am done breastfeeding in April or maybe sooner so I have to actually start watching what I eat and finally buckled down and work out. I’m also going to do a juice cleanse/detox when I’m done nursing so look forward to that! I know Alex probably isn’t because I get hangry fast.

Since everyone is steadfast in being healthy due to the new year I thought I’d share how I’m staying focused/accountable. I got these adorable inserts from Sweet Kawaii that are undated, because let’s face it we forget or skip a day, and easy to follow. There is a daily goals section, to-do, food log, hydration tracker, sleep tracker, mood tracker, daily workout and a quote at the bottom to get you motivated. It’s a lot squeezed on this little page.

I love that there is already cute graphics so you don’t have to worry about buying additional stickers. If you do want to buy some more stickers though the store also has a workout pack that includes workout challenges, little weights, motivational quotes, meal planner, and hydrate stickers. I am going to only use the challenges and weight stickers so the others might be passed on to fellow personal planner.

I just love the little faces on the Kawaii stickers they just make me feel happy and excited to plan.

How are you staying motivated to stay healthy this year?


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