Planner Dupes: Ring Bound Planners

img_2674Who doesn’t love a good dupe? Whether it be an amazing lipstick that feels as velvet as MAC or a gadget at half the price that works twice as better as the original, well there are some dupes for some of the most coveted planners out there and some are better than their counter parts. I will let you know to either save or splurge on some of the most popular planners!

I have a Kikki K and Marion Smith that run towards the higher end of the ring bound planners and I have felt a Kate Spade so I think I know what I’m talking about in this department. I have done extensive research into the type I should get as well as inserts because this is now my primary way of planning. I love the versatility of it and really having an accessory rather than a big paper planner book. They are investment though and some can run you over $100 especially if you go for a Kikki K or even a Louis Vuitton. I personally think it’s worth it, the quality is above par and the leather is soft and the rings stay tight.

Dupes: if you’re into planners at all I’m sure you have seen Michael’s come out with their own line of ring bound planners and the colors are gorgeous! They are also super affordable and I would say a good jumping point for getting into that style of planning. They are soft but they aren’t real leather so they don’t have the sustainability. The rings are also so-so I know some planners their rings break really easily while other stay tight, I haven’t had mine long enough to be a good judge. They also only come in personal size for right now not A5.

Another dupe would be the Webster Page’s Color Crush Planner and I have to say this one is not worth it at all! Even though it is easy to come by in Hobby Lobby or Joann’s the rings are not sturdy and the pleather I assume they use easily stains. It is soft but you can definitely tell it is not leather just by looking at the planner. It is cheap and it shows it, if you’re looking for a cheaper option this should not be it unless you find one that you completely love because they do have a wide range of colors and designs. They also don’t have an A5 option

If you’re looking into an A5 the cheapest option I could find was the Carpe Diem, which will still run you around $40 but that’s better than the $100 plus, and this planner is amazing! The Reset Girl sells them on her planner website but they are also available on Amazon. They are the best bang for your buck and they are worth the little extra cash. The rings are tight as Kikki K and the leather is smooth as butter. This dupe is better than the original at half the cost.

To sum it up splurge on a really good personal planner and save a little bit if you’re going the A5 route, I will have a post soon of my favorite inserts as well as a little giveaway! What are your favorite brands of ring bound planners let me know in the comments below!

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