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Become a sticker shop PR girl

If you have been following me on Instagram you may have seen I started post A LOT about a shop called 472 & Main. This is the shop I have been a PR girl for since the summer. It’s my first time ding PR for a sticker shop and it has been so much fun! Not only do I get kits that are gorgeous but I get to be a part of Caitlin’s (shop owner) creative process. Plus she made a sticker sheet just for my followers!

Application Process

Like any “job” I had to apply to be a PR girl. Surprisingly the application was really easy. I really just had to tell her why I wanted to PR girl and what planners I used. I was totally honest with my answers and explained why I loved planning so much. Not only that but I told her how I would benefit her. Standard stuff you get asked for any job interview. At the time I applied I didn’t have the followers she was looking for but she hired me anyways and now as I’m growing so is her shop.

I asked my fellow PR girl Ashley and asked her for tips for applying for this role. She said “when applying it’s important to be honest in your answers, but also make sure you are fully addressing the questions asked.” This is critical, because like with people you work with, you want to make sure you get along with the shop owner and your team. The shop owner is looking for a TEAM to work together.

PR Discounts and Incentives

Honestly going into this I had no idea that we got our PR kit every new release.  That means I receive a kit and a few other extras to show to my followers to promote the shop. This is our payment for the promoting, marketing and overall work we put into everything. For me that means taking high quality pictures and promoting all over my social media channels. So some people may look and see we get “free” stickers but that is cheaper than if a shop owner would hire a marketing team.

This might be just the shop owner that I work for but Caitlin gives us monthly incentives. Whoever shares her shop the most in that month they will receive something extra. That could be an extra sticker sheet, a notebook or anything else planner related. She also has sales incentive which is amazing, so if you want to see that prize then help me get the most sales by using my code gingyloveplans (shameless self-promotion for the win.)

Creative Process

This has become my favorite part of being a PR girl. Ashley sums up perfectly how amazing it is….

“It’s amazing to see how shop owners create their products. I like being able to encourage the shop owners I work with. It’s a great feeling to see them work hard on a project, then see it come to light and become a success!”

Seriously we helped Caitlin pick some of the clip art for future kits. We also encourage her to try something new. It’s really a team and I enjoy putting in my own input. I have seen 472 & Main grow so much this year. The quality of the kits have been improving and the designs she comes up with are remarkable. I’m so excited to see where the shop heads to next.

Planner Peace

In the world of planning there is term called “planner peace” it’s when you found your planning style. Well I have been through a lot of planning styles and that peace changes from time to time. I found my newest which is basic in an Erin Condren using full kits. Part of the reason I love being a PR girl is because I can try out all different layouts. Showcasing different ways to use kits or stickers has been a big part of my promotion. Everyone should find their own planner peace and I want to help in any way I can.

Planner Community

After three years of being a planner I finally feel a part of the planner community. Being a PR girl has allowed me to meet some pretty amazing people. Plus I get to share my planner love with my friends I have in the non-planner world. Ashley and Caitlin have been a big part of why I love being a PR girl they are always there for me and I know I can always shoot them a message.

If you have ever wanted to be a PR girl and you see a shop looking apply! Ashley recommends to keep applying and find the right shop for you. Not everyone will be the right fit but if you love planning as much as I do there will be one for you. Don’t forget if you want to check out 472 & Main and order a sticker kit or two use gingyloveplans for 20% off!



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