Our New Home- First time Home Owners

Well everyone the time has come to tell you FINALLY! WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! I am in love with our new home and can’t wait to share it will all of you! 

It was a whirlwind of a weekend we bought a house and Alex got a new truck. We just started talking about all of this on Friday and here we are on Tuesday with a new diesel truck and a beautiful home.

This all happened so fast because it was an auctioned property. We had to convince my husband to go look at with his parents. They wanted the property for an investment but once Alex saw it he fell in love and we decided to buy it ourselves.

Since it was an auction we only got a few pictures of the inside because we didn’t think it was going to be ours at the end of the day. When we close I will take better pictures and explain more in detail about what we are going to do to each room. Right now it needs a ton of cosmetic updating and nice fresh coat of paint but it is perfect for our little family.

Living Room

This is my new living room with all of the green carpet glory. I think it’s weird that they put the TV right by the door. We will be moving it to above the fire place and adding a little table there. The room is really long and will fit our huge sectional just perfectly. We will be putting in all new flooring on this level before we move in.Again I know the quality isn’t the greatest we didn’t think about taking pictures after we won the bid. 


This is my kitchen and I don’t think we should touch a darn thing! No but really the size is decent and give the cabinets a fresh coat of paint and new hardware they will be good as new. We have to put back a section of cabinets and counter top because the previous owner had two fridges and use the far corner for the other smaller one. We are also going to put concrete over the existing counter tops so get excited for that, I know I am.


Master bedroom

Tinley’s Room


These are the bedrooms and they are really nice sized. Our Master is in the middle of the two so that is really handy. Tinley’s room is in the back of the house so during nap times her room will be nice and dark. In the front is my office! I will have two spaces in the new home my main office which is upstairs and the business headquarters which will be downstairs. This room though gets excellent lighting and will be perfect for taking pictures and getting inspired for future posts! All of the rooms and hallway upstairs has hard wood hiding underneath so we are ripping up the carpet and letting that jewel shine! We will eventually refinish them but as is they should be okay. 

Family Room/ Play Room

This gem of a room with the amazing shag carpet is our new family room. In reality it’s Tinley’s playroom. I will have my crafty area down there just because there is a lot of shelves and I want to be close to her while she’s playing. This would also work as a guest bedroom down the road because it does have a closet and a small bathroom nearby with a shower. I have some really fun plans for this room that you have to stay tuned to see!

There is so much more house that I wish I got pictures of like our beautiful outdoor space, our dining room, our sun room and the little secret feature that the kids already fell in love with and we have big plans for all of the rooms. I can’t wait to start sharing more of our home renovations and how I decorate our new home!

If you have any tips for moving leave them in the comments below because my house is already a disaster! Also any tips on having a successful garage sale, gotta pay for all the paint!

10 thoughts on “Our New Home- First time Home Owners

  1. This looks like the perfect home for a little family and the bedrooms are a great size. Best of luck with your new home!

  2. Congratulations on your new home!! I am sure it is such an exciting experience to be a new home owner. Wish you years of laughter and amazing memories in your new space!

  3. Oh Congratulations!!! It looks beautiful! Can’t wait to see the progress and the feature that the kids loved…please keep us posted and have fun!!!

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