Oh Baby, Please Hurry!

IMG_0465How far along?  38 weeks

Total weight gain/measurements: I have gained about 25 pounds all together now, I have an appointment this week and I really hope I haven’t gained anymore.

Maternity clothes: Just my one shirt I have been living in yoga pants/shorts and my American Eagle legging shirts.

Stretch marks: One on each side unfortunately, I thought I was doing so good moisturizing but I guess it was just going to happen.

Sleep: That doesn’t happen at all anymore, I cannot get comfortable at all at night.

Best moment this week: Hearing the music come from her bouncer, all of the final details are being smoothed out and we are ready for her for real.

Miss anything? My cute little body and normal sized feet. I will never call myself fat again!

Movement: Hiccups are pretty much every night after dinner but really I can tell when she’s awake and when she is sleeping.

Food cravings: Still soda and French fries

Anything making you queasy or sick? No I really just want to consume everything in front of me, but the indigestion makes me feel sick.

Gender: Still a girl as far as I know!

Labor signs: I seriously think I’m going into labor every single day, it’s getting close so I may!

Symptoms: Indigestion is a mother fucka!

Belly button in or out? Outish

Wedding rings on or off? On but barely squeezing it on.

Happy or moody most of the time: Moody, moody, moody half the time I want to slap Alex and wake his bootay up so I’m not the only one losing out on sleep.

Looking forward to: Having her, I am so ready to look at her little face and to know what she looks like. I just want to snuggle with her and finally start being a parent to a newborn.

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