No Spend Month Fail

So far we were taught this month that we really suck at not spending money. The first week we went out to McDonald’s. We have gone out a few times here or there between now and then, but we are still implementing some of our plans that we set for ourselves.

Alex takes his lunch daily and he loves it. Most of the guys at work are jealous of what I pack him and since he doesn’t have to wait in line he has more time to eat or talk. That was the biggest saver and that will continue into other months as well. We kind of offset the cost of going out with him not having lunch but we still suck.

I did save a lot this month though I put over $200 in savings and only spent about $40 in groceries for the month. We had to get a few essentials like milk, tea, and creamer but other than that we haven’t gotten anything in excess.

I was naughty and splurged on a sweatshirt because I wanted a new one for post-baby it was a treat to myself and like I said I saved a lot this money that I thought a $20 sweatshirt wasn’t too bad. I did buy it off of Vinted, my favorite shopping app so I did get a $70 sweatshirt for only $20. It’s still bad of me and I completely ruined the no-spend mantra.

We haven’t given up yet though I don’t think we will need any more groceries this week, we aren’t going too many places so I may get away with not getting gas the rest of the month. I am really trying hard and any extra money I do have its getting stashed away in savings. I have some cupcake orders this month still and all of those are going into savings.

Alex and I really tried and we have had saving on our mind but sometimes it’s hard for us, especially when I don’t feel like cooking something and he’s too busy painting the nursery. Maybe next month we will take another stab at it since we will have a newborn to keep us distracted. No spending in a month is harder than it seems so I would maybe start out with a week and have a clear number of how much you want to save in a month.

I think next time I will set what I want to save in one month and once we reach that goal whatever we have left we get to have fun with. I know monthly I will have a goal of about $100 maybe if I can and then some months double or triple it if I know I’ll get a lot of hours or at the end of the month I actually have money left over. We want to start saving smart and living debt free soon!

Did you try out No Spend March and how are you doing so far? What tips or tricks do you have to making a n0 spend month successful?

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