No Spend March!

I know it’s a day behind but I challenge all of you to do no spend March starting now!

We are doing this just to have some extra savings for the baby and really I could go crazy this month buying baby stuff but I need to let go. I have so much stuff from our two showers I need to wait to see what we need after she’s here before we go out and buy a butt load of stuff.

I have also stocked up on a lot of stuff the last couple of months a little too much so I need to take a step back from the grocery store and warehouse stores.

This month is also a 31-day month so we will have an extra day of tightening the budget. Now you can still buy essentials like groceries (if you don’t have a stock pile like me), gas and pay your bills, but that is it. I know most people already have to live like this because of finical situations and I thought we already did this but doing this challenge it forced us to look at what we really spend our money on.

For me it is buying groceries that we don’t need or stocking up too much. I have been reading blog after blog about how this is necessary for when new baby arrives but my freezer and pantry are packed for a good three months I think I’m good. I also make little purchases online that add up really fast those need to stop pronto.

Alex is going to be the one that saves big this month though he is going to stop buying his lunch at work and I am making them for him. I thought he would be grumpy about this and I was worried I wouldn’t pack enough but he loves it and can usually get two or three days out of one lunch. He mostly gets leftovers but I also throw in some fresh fruit and sweet treats. Not only does he eat lunch at work but he also has breakfast there so for that I pack a fruit parfait, homemade donuts, or blueberry banana bread. He loves opening up his lunch box to see what he has for the day.

Alex “vapes” and for that you have to buy juice so this month he can’t buy any and has to use what he has, he also had to defer this month for his subscription box of juices. I think this will be the hardest part of no-spend March but he will enjoy putting that money in savings more. He also has other hobbies that he has to use what he has on hand for instead of going and buying new so hopefully he can stick it out.

Overall I hope this process will help us save, prioritize and plan a little better. We want to buy a house soon so there may be more no-spend months in the future and we want to show our daughter responsible saving habits.

Let me know if you accept my challenge to do no-spend March!

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