Our New Adventure!-The year of possibilities

Before you get too excited, no I’m not having another bay, well at least not a human one. I know a lot of people start their years in January but I start mine in July. It’s my golden birthday this year and I hope to make this year truly golden!

New Home

As I posted before and will probably be posting about way too much, we bought a house. I will be spending this year remodeling and making it a home. I look forward to decorating a place of my own. We haven’t fully unpacked yet but we will get there. It all takes time and this year I want to make my time worth it.

New Puppy?!

YES! We are planning on getting a puppy some time this year! I have always had big puppies growing up and Tinley LOVES dogs! Dean and her are finally best buds but I think it is finally time to bring in a bigger dog. We are going to get a black lab when we find the right one. I have spoken to a dog trainer friend and she gave me some tips to make Dean feel comfortable. This transition will hopefully go smoothly but we shall see! 

New Vision

I have a vision of what I want my life to be and for the first time in my whole life it’s not being a journalist. I love blogging and I want to keep making this blog bigger and greater! I want to have the freedom to workout, clean and get dressed when I want. This has always been a dream but this year I am going to attempt to make it a reality. I want to put all of me into the blog and other endeavors.

New Channel

YES CHANNEL! I started my own YouTube channel so I can finally have a conversation with you guys. I feel like my voice gets lost here and I do have more sass that I want you to hear. For now it will just be about planning but I will be throwing some vlogs in there. Maybe even some Disney vlogs! I’m really excited and I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.


New Business

I have decided to come out with a monthly monogram mailer! I will have a full post soon to explain everything! Pretty much if you love monograms as much as me you’ll want one. It will have 3 surprise monograms in various colors, patterns and sizes for only $10. I think the first few months I will throw in a surprise goodies as well so sign up early! Don’t want to wait for the full length post? Sign up for the mailer here:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13_z9jJJ4yNY-_DdKhgflmvYs8nfUXoyHaAY86DZ2M08/prefill

New Motivation

I found out yesterday I am 10 pounds heavier than my husband. TEN POUNDS! Mind you he works in plant operations, walks 16000 steps per day and is a stick still it killed my confidence. This momma is starting a new workout routine and I’m going to try to start running. I used to love running but I know that it takes time to get back into the swing of it. It’s going to be a healthy lifestyle that I should’ve done a long time ago. Hopefully by my next birthday I will be able to run my first 5K we shall see. Follow me on Instagram for my journey!

Let me know when you start your year! If it already started what are your yearly goals and have you reached any? Also if you have any running tips give ‘em up!

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  1. It seems like you have it all planned out. Being organised is always a good thing, and the puppy is always a good addition!

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