My Baby Shower

I finally had my baby shower after what it felt like forever (I had to wait to buy anything for baby until after). I had all of my moms host it, my mom, mother-in-law and step-mom and they seemed like they had a lot of fun planning their games and overall being hostesses with the mostnesses.

We did have a lot going on at the shower we had about four or five activities for guests to do as well as a butt load of food. The dessert table was a sight to see though per usual and it was probably my favorite part of the whole day, besides seeing everyone of course!


Our guest book was a canvas we found on clearance at Hobby Lobby that everyone signed with gold sharpie that will be hung in her room for decoration. The ribbon backdrop will also be going somewhere in her room we just have to figure it out yet.

It is all coming together and we have so much stuff to put away but that will have to wait until painting is done next week. Get excited I have some fun DIYs planned as well as her nursery reveal! It’s getting more and more real that soon we will be holding a little baby that Alex and I made together, our little change we made in the world.


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