Meal Planning Supplies

Before you start meal planning there are some supplies you will need. Depending on how you like to plan/shop it could vary on what you use but I will share how I like to plan and what has worked best for me.

Erin Condren Monthly Planner: It’s no surprise that I have an EC planner on this list. I now have three I am using. The one I am using for meal planning is the Deluxe Monthly Planner because I use the additional note pages for budgeting. If you don’t want the coil though I do also have the Basic Monthly planner and it also gets the job done. I will show you how I use that particular layout and the note pages in the back of the planner in a later post.

Note Pad: Once again mine is from Erin Condren, I am using the one that came in the Seasonal Surprise Box because it matches my planner perfectly. I am a pen and paper girl so I will remember what I have to get a little bit better if I write it down.

These are the materials I use but there are some more options you can use if you don’t want to go the paper route or want something FREE to use.

Reminders/Notes Section on your Phone: This is perfect if you have a running or alternate your shopping lists. You can have several lists or notes on your phone at all times. Also if you are out and about you always have your phone on you so this prevents missing something on the list. It is crucial to saving money that you only shop once a week or every two weeks like I do.

Free Online Calendars/Worksheets: I have found a lot of cute monthly calendars online that I can just print off and go. As for meal planning worksheets there are tons out there for monthly or weekly planning but not bi-weekly and they are all PDFs. To solve my own problem I made my own with a section for a grocery list. I made it in both a PDF version if you want to print it out and the Word version. My suggestion is to download the Word version and put it in Google Drive.  

I love the Google Drive version because it’s the best of both worlds I can see my meals and list all on my phone which travels everywhere with me. 


14 thoughts on “Meal Planning Supplies

  1. My husband and I are really wanting to start meal planning now that our bub is getting old enough to eat meals with us, so this is the perfect post to get us started. Thank you for sharing! P.S. I love Erin Condren too – too bad it is so expensive to ship to Australia 🙁

  2. Love Meal Planning. I haven’t browsed through EC products yet, but do like my Franklin Planner menu and grocery list pages. I have many friends who use EC, though, so I am curious to check them out. Menu planning, done in any way, is a lifesaver!

  3. How far ahead do you usually plan? For a whole month or just for the week ahead? I find a week just manageable with only a notebook!

    1. I plan out 2 weeks ahead. I get paid every 2 weeks so I try to only go to the store once per pay period. This is also so I can still have fresh produce.

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