Meal Planning 101

One of my many New Year resolutions is to save money and this is the most effective way of doing so, and it is just a smart practice for anyone. I usually take out a few hours on a Sunday or even while I’m at work to plan out what I want for the month or two months and just have a large shopping trip. Beforehand I search Pinterest for some new recipes but I usually go for the same ones all of the time.

The best way that works for me is filling out my monthly view on my planner of what we are going to have for the month. This really allows me to do months early as well so I can be kind of prepared for months to come. Then I look at all of my recipes and write down everything I need for every dinner and I cross off things I already have in my pantry. This allows me to stay focused while I’m grocery shopping and prevents over spending. I never plan for pizza nights though but always buy them for the just in case I don’t feel like cooking Alex can throw in a pizza and call it good.

The number one things to remember though is to stick to your meal plan, I may switch days here and there but all of the meals I have planned will get eaten within that month. There are some days Alex may have to cook and those are usually pizza nights or hamburger helper meals so I have to adjust the calendar a little. That is what is hard about being pregnant and still trying to cook for your family some nights you just can’t do it so the baton must be passed on. Thankfully Alex does know how to cook a few dishes and follows recipe instructions pretty well so I still get a nice home cooked meal even if I’m not cooking it!

I wanted to make it easier on some of you and instead of a whole month like I do I made a print-out for a week worth of meal planning. It has all of the days of the week plus a little list section. I think this is awesome to take to the store with you because you can see exactly what you’re making and it keeps you focused. There’s even enough space for you to plan all of your meals not just dinner. Happy Planning and leave some of your favorite recipes in the comments!

This is the perfect size for any Medium Kikki-K or make it any size you would like!

Meal Planner Worksheet

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