Maternity Favorites

Now that I am 28+ weeks I am starting to get a bump, yes I just started up until now I have been in my normal clothes and for the most part I still am. I have not bought one maternity item yet, so I guess this could be a little misleading but there are some pieces I bought for maternity wear that have really saved my life.

I have been wearing the so soft legging shirts from American Eagle like they’re going out of style they really have been my go to through this whole pregnancy. I got them in a size large so I know they will fit even when I’m huge and they will be loose for after baby. I usually pair these with my Forever 21 leggings I just went a size up in these and they are huge on me! I really haven’t been growing in my lower half so even at seven months I am wearing normal jeans and leggings. This is my go to uniform and I’ve been getting into boot socks to make the look a little more complete.

Being pregnant I feel like it’s just an excuse to wear yoga pants, lounge wear and pajamas all the time so I do any chance I get! I haven’t had to go a size up in my yoga pants but I did buy some with a plain black band so they would go with everything also I had to put the ones with low bands in the back of my dresser for now just because they sit right one the middle of the bump and can get uncomfortable. I am lucky also that I didn’t have to go up a size in my boyfriend sweats overall I just really didn’t have to buy anything but that didn’t stop me from actually getting a few new things here and there. Like my pajamas from Victoria’s Secret during the semi-annual sale because let’s be real you can never have too many pjs especially post baby. I also have a new found love for joggers I wanted a neutral pair I could put with anything and I found the perfect ones at American Eagle in the guys section on clearance! I actually got a size small thinking they would only be for after baby but they fit now so they really are my go to swear pants!

Warning TMI: There is one part of my wardrobe that I did have to size up quite a lot and it really surprised me. Well first let me say I only wear sports bras and when you’re pregnant you are advised not to wear bras with wires. So also during the semi-annual sale I stocked up on my favorite sport bras which were only $7.99-$9.99 during the sale. I am usually I size small in their sport bras so I played it safe and went for mostly mediums and a few larges for after baby. Oh my goodness out of the four mediums I got I can only wear one and even the larges are slowly but surely getting tighter and tighter. I have always been small chested so this is new territory for me. I usually can go braless or barely there bralettes and now I have to wear size large sport bras. We shall see where I am at after my little bundle arrives.

Let me know when you had to start wearing maternity clothing or if ever had to or what your biggest change was when you were pregnant!

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