Making moments count- Spending time as a family and starting to paint

I’ve taken some time off to be with my family and it has been wonderful! I was able to really sit with my daughter. We played, we laughed, she cried and we just really soaked up being a family. We even went out to the park for a quick photo shoot. My husband got the best pictures of her because daddy always makes her smile. 

Moments like this really make us who we are. They define who we are as a family. We want to be the parents who really know their child and we want to soak up every minute with her. I think time like this is necessary sometimes. Just stop and be a family. These are the moments we live for and I think make up for all of the hours working. Children won’t remember the times you were at work if you make enough lasting memories together as a family. 

This weekend we really were mush. Since we actually started planning house updates we wanted to just be a family before we got too busy. Soon our nights we will be taken over by paint cans, flooring samples and who knows what else. We painted our play room this weekend and that was our first taste of getting the house done. 

There is still a lot to do like painting trim and changing up the paneling. When all is said and done though this room is going to be the coolest playroom and we cannot wait. We are so happy we will be giving our daughter this special place in the house. Plus our niece and nephew are pretty stoked about it too! 

3 thoughts on “Making moments count- Spending time as a family and starting to paint

  1. Congratulations in advance to your house renovation! Your baby is a cutie 🙂

    I am yet to get married next year, January, and house planning is somewhat a stressful and exciting thing to plan. Me and my fiance are yet to find our ideal location and rent for the meantime. I do hope we get enough savings to build our own home in the near future.

    And then maybe I could get to share what a fun family I have like yours 🙂

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