making a clear improvement

Pregnancy has not been kind to my skin so in turn I have been trying everything under the sun to help my hormonal epidermis. After watching countess videos of the Best of 2015 there was a product that kept popping up all over the place, the Origins Clean Improvement Mask. Being someone that will try anything once I had to look into it right away. I have super sensitive skin so it had to be something that is either directed for all skin types or primarily sensitive skin and since it is charcoal it works with even the most sensitive of skins. I have had great luck with charcoal skin products whether it be face cleaners or loose charcoal for an exfoliator it makes my skin happy.


I went on the Origins website and I got lucky that they still had some value sets left over from Christmas on sale. I really do recommend buying value sets if you’re trying out a new brand or product because it gives you a range of products in a large enough size to really know if you’re going to like them or not. The set I picked up was Origins A Pure Thing set and it came with the Clear Improvement Mask, Checks and Balances frothy face wash (which I heard was amazing as well), and Clear Improvement body wash and body scrub. I will be handing over the body wash and scrub to my husband because he has a perfect complexion but has some issues with backne. The sizes are 1.7 oz which for me will actually last awhile because I only do a mask once a week but if I do fall in love with the face cleanser I will probably need a new one after about a month or so.


When I put the mask on I was pretty surprised with how quickly it did dry up but the only thing I really missed was the gritty feeling of charcoal. I might be the only one but I really do like hen face masks or cleaners have some sort of grit to it for exfoliating. The color was a lot of fun though you could tell that it was a charcoal mask but there wasn’t that much of a soothing smell or really any smell. When I washed it off it did easily come off my skin, Alex got in on the fun and he didn’t wash it off really so his got caught in his stubble, and there was a little bit of fresh moment but not really. My face didn’t feel tight though and I didn’t feel like I needed a moisturizer but I still threw one on when I was done. The moisturizer I put on was a sample I got from Origins, their Ginzing moisturizer and I love it so that I will go back and purchase I love all things citrus for my face as well. Overall it’s a good mask to have for those occasions you feel like having fun with your friends or to throw in your weekly face rotation because it’s not harsh by any means but does make your face soft.

Let me know if you’ve tried anything out from Origins and your opinions or your go to face mask when your skin acts up! Don’t let Alex’s face fool you he loved it and my brother even put some on!

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