Make Money Blogging in 5 Simple Steps

1. Host your own Website

I didn’t realize how important this was until I finally did it. Really though if you want to get anywhere then hosting your own website is the way to go. The day I switched from to my life changed. Not only does it open you up for Adsense capabilities you have the total freedom to do whatever you want. 

I use Bluehost as my platform for web hosting. It is really user-friendly (great for new bloggers.) The price isn’t that bad either. For the same as I pay for Netflix per month, I can host my own blog and make almost 20 times that with ad revenue alone. Starting out I do recommend going for their 2-year or even more plan. When you first sign up they give you the best rates per month. 

One of my favorite features of Bluehost is being able to back up your whole framework at least monthly. Sometimes websites crash and blogs are no exception. I wanted to cry after mine did for the first time. Since I had the backup though it came back with all of my coding and formatting. My blog didn’t skip a beat and I was able to continue business as usual. Most importantly I didn’t lose any blog posts, even though they’re all saved on a hard drive. It was nice not having to put them all back on though. Bluehost saved my life and sanity. 

2.Have a cute theme

You ascetic is everything. WordPress does have some themes available but if you want to go further I recommend investing in a new theme. I got my theme from Etsy and that is where I’m going to be getting my new one shortly. Etsy is my go-to because I know they are small shops like myself and I want to support them as much as possible. 

There are other theme shops out there though that offer adorable themes as well. Pretty Darn Cute Design is one that I have found some really cute themes. If you fall in love with a theme another blogger has it is more than likely you can find the shop by scrolling to the bottom of their webpage. Some may have Etsy themes like myself or custom frameworks. Starting off though I do recommend spending only $10 or so on a cute theme. 

3. Create content

Write about something you love or have a lot of knowledge about. Finding my topic was hard at first because I have my toes in pretty much everything. It wasn’t until I became a mom that I knew I wanted to write about my trials and tribulations. My blog is every expanding because I am growing as a person and exploring my interests. So that’s why I always recommend starting out with something you can go on and on about. Remember a blog is just an extension of you.

4. Sign up for Adsense and Affiliate networks 

Adsense requires you to have content on your blog before you can be accepted. I had about 15 posts on my new self-hosted blog before I applied. Google just wants to make sure you’re going to produce quality content and have traffic. Building up your SEO knowledge and following Google Trends will also make you more marketable. Don’t be afraid to write about something trendy because that’s all Google really cares about.

Affiliate networks also like to see you have content as well before you’re approved. If you want to get paid by brands write like you already are partners. This will make you marketable. Writing this way will be your portfolio to the brands and will allow them to see if you’re a good match or not. My favorite network to get affiliate partners in Their framework is really easy to navigate and they have a lot of large brands as well as small shops.

5. Utilize Social Media

Pinterest is where it’s at if you are a lifestyle blogger. I get my steady readership from my popular pins. One of the most popular is my Diaper Backpacks under $100! To get a consistent flow of pins I use Tailwind. Tailwind is bloggers’ worst kept secret because we all rave about it. Not only do I share my own pins but I can help others in the blogging community by sharing theirs. You have to be collaborative if you want to make it in this blogging world.

Facebook has been the biggest driver to my blog. I follow several blog related Facebook groups and join their threads. Most of my week is sharing my links on threads and completing those threads. If you want anything out of the threads you have to give your share as well. Don’t just drop your link and hope for the best. Collaboration is the strongest selling point of your blog’s success!

For the full list of Facebook groups: 

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Let me know if I missed anything down in the comments. Also if you start a blog using these tips drop your link below!

I’m planning some amazing content for this year! I am so proud of how far my blog has come and I’m obsessed with taking it even further!

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