Letter to the scared first time mom

If you haven’t seen my Instagram lately, I have been posting a lot about Tinley. A big part of me can’t handle the fact that my baby is going to be a year old. I am that mushy mom and I don’t care who sees. 

I can’t help but to think back to when I found out I was pregnant and where I was at in life. I was at a cross road and I didn’t know what I wanted here I am back there, but thankfully it’s for very different reasons. 

Back then I was going to be done with college soon with no job outlooks and I really had no idea what I wanted. Now I know exactly what I want and finally having professional success doing what I love, all thanks to you guys! 

I thought I would write a letter to myself when I first had Tinley and to all of the other first time moms out there. 

Dear Mom, 

I know it doesn’t feel like it fits does it? Well that’s what you are, no matter what you will always be a mom now. Get ready to love like you never knew you could. Don’t worry about how you’re going to afford diapers, college or all of the “things” you think this little baby needs just focus on love. You can do this and you will do this, everything will work out don’t worry. 

Hold your baby! All. Of. The. Time. This time alone with the baby is fleeting and they won’t be a newborn forever. Let the laundry pile up, the dishes can wait and so can Facebook. You will miss being able to hold this little potato so soak it up while you can! I would give anything to have my six pound baby back in my arms sleeping. 

Don’t give up on breastfeeding, I know it’s hard but totally worth it! You both are learning and as in anything you learn in life it takes practice and time to become good at it. Some it takes a few days but most take a few months so stick with it! It is by far the most rewarding thing you will ever do and you will miss it when they approach their first birthday and only want to at night. 

BE PRESENT. Put your phone down and just watch your baby. Nobody will judge you if you watch your baby sleep instead of posting a new selfie. Most importantly SEE the moments don’t capture them behind a camera. I know you want the picture but the memory is plenty trust me, you will never forget those moments. 

Cry. Seriously if you want to cry because you miss your baby while they’re sleeping then do it, if you want to cry because it’s 2 am and they won’t sleep then cry with them and cry just thinking about them growing too fast. I don’t know how many times I cry because I am just so happy I am a mom to this beautiful creature. I’m so amazed by her and you will be too just let every moment matter. 

Your body isn’t yours anymore so get over the stretch marks and extra skin. You will spend the next year running around making sure this little human is happy, that’s workout enough. If you want a handful of Cheetos while you’re night feeding, grab the whole bag. You made a human, you deserve it. 

This next year will fly by before you know it, take it all in. You will fall into the role of mom better than you think and you will be a great one. All it takes is a little bit of faith, trust and pixie dust(and a little bit of love). 


The mom crying holding her almost one year old. 

PS: Stand your ground and make all the decisions about your baby. 

What is something you would tell new moms or yourself if you could? 

7 thoughts on “Letter to the scared first time mom

  1. You brought tears to my eyes! I have 4 children, 17, 21, 22, and 26, and I would love to hold them like I did when they were babies.
    Hold them, kiss them, spend every moment you can with them, and just love them.
    I’m going to call my daughter now 🙂

    1. I’m glad I could take you back. I know my mom cried when I became a mom myself. It’s a surreal life changing moment for everyone!

  2. I LOVE this. Everything about this could have been written by me. My daughter just turned one and honestly time flies and when you look back, I wish I’d have made different decisions, I have regrets but they don’t seem to matter too much now. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Not a mom yet, but what a sweet and thoughtful note. It’s hard being a mom and I should appreciate mine more… after all I did come from her belly, kinda weird to think about but hey that’s life!

  4. I held it together until this “The mom crying holding her almost one year old. ” Now I am crying. In raising my grandbaby I cherish every single moment because I know first hand how quickly time escapes.

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