Leaping Forward

Instead of looking back at 2016 and recapping the year, I want to look forward to my 2017. My year was amazing and I hope that it is a reoccurring theme in the next one as well. I didn’t achieve all of the goals I hoped for this year, but I did reach most of them and this year I just choose to be happy. Here are some of the things I’m looking forward to in 2017!

Tinley turning one-

I feel like I was just pregnant with her wishing she would pop out already, now she’s four months away from being a year old. I don’t know where my baby went, I knew I shouldn’t have blinked. She’s using a cup with a straw, in 12 month clothing and is just becoming smarter and smarter every day. I can’t lie though I was more than happy/proud of her when she said mom before dad, even if she only does it when she’s hungry. I can’t wait to see how my little princess grows this year.

Spending family time-

My family has been divided for some time and recently they reconciled and it’s like nothing has ever changed. I love having more nephews and a niece to spoil as well as my brother’s girlfriend to become closer with, this is one of the biggest highlights of my year and I can’t wait for the family gatherings!

Buying a house-

This was my goal last year and I didn’t achieve it but we so desperately want to either buy or build a house in the very near future, wish us luck!

My planner-

I’ve been battling what to do with my planning style this year but I am reverting back to my Kikki K with Sweet Kawaii Inserts. I was using a Webster pages planner but I just wasn’t in love. I think I will also be partial to this beauty. I love the Sweet Kawaii inserts because I don’t need stickers if I don’t want to use them and if I do she makes adorable Itty Bitty ones that fit perfectly. These cute foxes are from Cardboard Couture and I think she may be my go to for dividers, she has the cutest patterns! If you want to try out a new planner this year and some of Sweet Kawaii Deigns stickers head over to my Instagram for a giveaway!

What are you looking forward in 2017?

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