Preventing Stretch Marks and Pregnancy Acne

I have been so thankful that I have not had one stretch mark my entire pregnancy and that is mostly due to me drinking my body weight in water and having a strict skin care routine. Not only am I safe from stretch marks but I also have a face routine that has helped combat some of my hormonal acne and really just make me feel a lot better about my face. I have never been into makeup but I have always loved skin care products and enhancing my natural beauty.

Starting off before I get into any products the main aspect of my skin care routine is drinking a ton of water. I have one of these Copco cups that are 24 ounces and I fill it up around 6-8 times a day. I know that is a ton of water but I have really seen a difference. This cup also has a stirrer at the end of the straw so if you do want to put some things to give the water flavor you can use that to stir it on up.

I also cut down on the sweets I was eating. I had a terrible break out and the only thing that had changed was I was downing chocolate and sugar like it was no one’s business. I know being pregnant people think that gives me a reason to eat all of that crap but it doesn’t. I mean I can but not if I want clear skin.

Starting off with my body it all starts in the shower/bath. I only take a shower every other day or once every two days because of my hair mostly but also to allow my body to soak in its own natural oils. When I do take a shower I use all natural soap from a local soap shop that I will have a whole post about soon because it has saved my life. I lather up my loofa with it and I also do a quick swipe around my tummy for extra moisture.

Once every two weeks I do take a bath now just to help with some of the stress I put on my back and use my super moisturizing bath bomb. I get the Butter Ball bath bomb from Lush and my skin has never felt better. I recommend this if you ever wanted to try Lush but are unsure of what you want. If you don’t want to spend the money on Lush you can also take an Epsom salt bath that will really help release toxins and give your skin the moisture it wants.

After the shower or bath I immediately put on lotion either an after shower lotion like Jergen’s or regular lotion. I have used up so many lotion bottles the last couple of months it is ridiculous, but my skin thanks me for it. The key to this is consistency, every day even if you don’t shower put on a thick layer of lotion either before bed or getting dressed if you have time. For trouble areas like your feet put a super thick layer on then wrap it with a towel or even plastic wrap and cover it with a sock. Leave this on overnight or if you do it in the morning about 20 minutes will do for clear improvement.

Moving on to my face the biggest change is having a regular schedule and actually following the instructions on the bottle. I clean my face with Origin’s frothy face wash every morning and night. I slack sometimes but my face does get cleansed once a day at least. Some days I will do a mask at night or in the morning and I try to do a mask twice a week like it’s recommended. Who knew using products the way they were intended would actually show results! I have been loving the Origin’s 10 minute mask I received a sample and just ran out after a couple of weeks. Of course this has to happen when I’m doing a new spend month but I have other masks that will hopefully do their jobs.

After cleansing or a mask I immediately moisturize. This really has helped my skin just get back to behaving itself and clear up. My face isn’t 100 % clear and I doubt it will for a while but so far it is showing improvements.

Let me know what some of your favorite skin care products are and what tricks you’ve learned to keep your skin tame!

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