Holiday Traditions

I cannot believe that this is my first Christmas with my daughter! It’s still so surreal that I have this little bundle, which is starting not to be so little anymore. This Christmas I wanted to start on some new traditions that hopefully stick around for years to come. 

The first activity that started way before Christmas is an advent calendar. I have always been interested in having one but never really committed to it and I know I’m pretty late to the game. I got a basic one from the SacconeJoly’s my favorite vlogging family, it only has chocolate in it and a surprise message at the end. I know that there are some with toys as well as dog treats for your furry family. In the future I may opt for individual ones but for now Alex and I are taking turns enjoying our daily piece of chocolate. 

Every year I want to get a new book for Tinley, whether it be Christmas related or not. I just want to instill the love of reading that I have at an early age. I know I can’t force her to read and they will probably be a thing of the past and be just a code you put in to your device instead of a physical book but she will get one every year. I can’t wait to see her excitement trying to figure out what one she received each year. 

Lastly this is already a tradition for my husband’s family but we are continuing it, which is to get a new ornament that symbolizes something we did as a family in that year. This year we obviously got a Disney ornament and we will be getting Baby’s First Christmas for Tinley. I can’t wait to see what ornaments we collect over the years and I surely hope that we cover the tree with Disney ornaments! 

I know these are few and to some already traditions they have, but they are our family’s new little traditions that we are starting this year. This holiday season is hitting the sweet spot for us and every new experience with our sweet angel is just breath taking! 

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