Holiday Parties-The Wonderful Art of Making Excuses

The time has come that people decide to throw some sort of party. Every. Damn. Weekend. You know what I want to do with my weekends? Cuddle in bed watching movies and baking (eating cookie dough.) Really though. So if you’re anything like me and you need an excuse then get ready for some good ones!

Anything to do with your kid or kids

You have given birth to the most fantastic excuse machine. If you don’t want to do anything just blame your kid. Either one is sick (but not too sick) or they kept you up all night. Sometimes those excuses might be completely true but for the times they’re not just run with it. Don’t explain too much and move on.

Tinley has gotten me out of too many situations that I care to admit. Hey I have anxiety it happens okay. She doesn’t know any better and she loves cuddling with me. That’s what I have to explain to some people that don’t have children. I would rather spend all night wiping poop off Tinley’s bum than getting lit off holiday themed drinks. Sorry not sorry that I’d rather stay home with my family.

“My spouse feels neglected.”

My friends probably think Alex is needy but in reality the nights I’m “spending with him” he’s in his man-cave and I’m upstairs watching Elf. I do say, “Alex wants me to stay home tonight so we can reconnect” or “I haven’t seen Alex all week I think I should stay home” a lot but it’s kind of true. Even the nights we don’t actually see each other we need that time to recharge and get ready for the work week. Our time apart brings us closer together.

My friends always try to include Alex in party plans, crazy people, then I have to remind them he wants one-on-one time. Gets them every time. Alex doesn’t even know about me having plans sometimes and I use this excuse. He just thinks it’s a normal night in so on rare occasions I get mad at him for not spending time with me. I have to reel myself in and remind myself that he’s clueless, my bad.

“I don’t have a sticker for that, sorry”

This might just be me and my crazy mind but I have major anxiety if I’m doing something and I don’t have a sticker for it. Why would I force myself into that stress? Like for real! There’s not a sticker in my collection for a wine tasting this weekend, then it ain’t gonna happen. Your friends might think you’re a little weird but if they don’t love you for it, are they really your friends? Check out 472 & Main to hopefully find a sticker for any occasion or not….

“Shoot, we have a long-lasting family tradition we are doing that night.”

Its Christmas time and people are all about traditions so use it to your advantage. People will eat it up and won’t question it at all. Maybe put some truth into this excuse though and actually start a new tradition or do something related to the holidays.

“I don’t want to go.”

Honesty is the best policy. If you don’t want to go just be honest with your friends. Hopefully they will understand. Really if they don’t are they really your friends?

If you do have to go to a Holiday party here are some outfit ideas!


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