Handling my separation anxiety-Letters to my baby girl

I have seen everywhere on how to cure separation anxiety in toddlers but nothing for moms. What gives?! My separation anxiety is way worse than my baby girl. I’m the one who needs a cure or at least something to help. 

I really hope I’m not the only one who has separation anxiety from their child or I would be embarrassed. After talking to a few friends though I don’t really think I am and I think it’s something that isn’t talked about a lot. 

My heart hurts every time I’m away from my baby girl. It was something I would hope would heal with time but she’s 16 months old and I still cry at work while staring at pictures of her. I came up with some ways that helps me with my anxiety and hopefully help any momma dealing with this as well. 

Journaling/Writing Letters

This has been my savior. I got this idea when I returned to work to write to Tinley every day I was missing her. At the beginning I was writing everyday but it eventually got spaced out a little bit more. My journal is only for me right now and I don’t know if I will ever give it to Tinley but I might. 

I started adding pictures so it became a scrapbook in a way too. Actually I haven’t written in it in a few months and I should update it a little bit. Thankfully I went down to part-time and I have more time with my baby girl. So the journal isn’t needed as much as before but there are days I need it. 

Less Screen Time

Make time with your baby or babies quality time. Set your phone up on loud and just leave it. Get down on the ground and really play. This one is hard for me because I always want to capture a moment all of the time but it’s not all about “the gram.” Honestly when I’m home with her I am constantly losing my phone and I don’t miss it at all. When I check it I might have a missed call or a text from my husband but its nothing too ground breaking. Your phone can wait enjoy play time. Setting down your phone will allow you to have real interactions with your children and that time at work catch up on emails. While you’re on your phone at work stare at a few pictures of your babies I know I do! 

Everything CAN Wait

I will give myself an anxiety attack if I think of how dirty my house is sometimes. Then I look at my baby’s face and see the biggest smile in the world. To me that’s worth having dishes pile up or a blanket out of place. Toys belong littered across the floor. Outside influences made me think I had to have a spotless house and it’s just recently that I let that go. Everything waited and I started playing with my daughter. 

I know with my daughter she had mixed emotions about mommy playing with her. She always saw me picking up her toys so when I sat down to play with her she thought it was clean-up time. So as soon as she did I dumped it all out again! This was our new game until she finally let me play with her toys with her. The smile on her face the whole time made me forget there was even a mess. Live in the moment with your kiddos and then you will have amazing memories to get you through the work day. 

Create a new game

If you’re anything like me and have some downtime at work use it to your kids advantage. Brainstorm a new game you can play when you see them again or a new way to read a book. Collect some things around the office if you can to help them with numbers or making letters when you get home. They will love the new materials and knowing you were thinking about them all day. I know I loved when my mom would bring home binder clips big or small because they would be hand bags for my barbies. So the next time you have some time to kill get out a notepad and get creative. Not only will it help you get your mind off of being away from them but it will also make them excited for what you’ll come up with next. 

So guys let me know am I the only one with separation anxiety?! Also do you think you’ll give any of these tips a try? If you have anymore leave them in the comments below! 

7 thoughts on “Handling my separation anxiety-Letters to my baby girl

  1. Yea, once you become a momma, everything else goes on hold lol. Especially when it’s the first child! My kids are grown and one’s not living at home anymore and I still miss them. No matter how much they grow, you’ll still want them around you.. or near you. I now tell my kids “Wait till you’re a parent” whenever they don’t understand why I bug them so much lol 😉💕

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