Halloween treats that will make you cool to kids and parents!

I cannot tell you how excited I am for Halloween this year! Not only do we actually get to go trick-or-treating with a toddler but I finally live somewhere that I can hand out candy! My last two houses have been out of the way or the last one was out of town so I never got to hand out treats. This year I wanted to make it something special and mindful of children with dietary restrictions.

Thankfully this sweetie doesn’t have any allergies but I know I would love any of this for her!

Personally I have a nut allergy to I am very empathetic to kids on Halloween. I remember the days of having to give up most of my candy because it contained a peanut in some way. So that makes me a kid who is absolutely in love with candy corn because it was something I knew I could eat.

Sweet Treats

Rice Crispy Treats

These were my first choice and the overall crowd favorite at work. They’re easy to just pick up a box on Amazon or at Walmart. A Halloween version is available right now at my local Walmart so that’s probably what I will pick up. Kids will love it I think. It’s different but still familiar to them. They do contain soy and milk though so keep that in mind if your child has any allergies to those ingredients.

Fruit Snacks

After doing some research this may be my favorite treat I’m going to give out. I decided to get the Annie’s homegrown fruit snacks because they’re what I would want Tinley to get.  They don’t contain any of the high fructose corn syrup and they’re made of fruit and veggie juices. Annie’s kills it with snacks! These taste amazing so kids will love them in their bucket and parents will love to see them there!

Teal Pumpkin

This is a campaign that promotes allergy free Halloween so everyone can be included in on the fun! For more information check out the Food Allergy Education and Research website: https://www.foodallergy.org/education-awareness/teal-pumpkin-project

Glow Sticks

This might be my favorite non-candy treat. Not only does it promote safety but they’re just fun. I found a large pack of non-toxic glow sticks that I’m going to leave out so anyone can take them. My fire department also gives out glow sticks too but just in case some kids don’t want to walk there or they run out I have some at my house. Glow sticks just scream Halloween to me so I can’t wait to have some at my door.


Honestly I only wanted to give out pencils, stationary addict and all, but I was told my house would get egged if I did. I don’t think anybody would egg my house in my neighborhood but stranger things have happened. Even though they won’t be the only thing I give out I did pick up a pack of pencils for the kids like me that love them. As a child I would have loved to have received some stationary item in my Halloween bucket but I also realize that is not the norm. Pencils may not be what kids are jumping for joy for but I may come across one child like me that loves the change.


Kids and Parents will love you if you have a cooler full of water on your porch trust me! I remember I didn’t want to stop until I hit every house in my tiny town. My parents, bless their heart, let me and I’m sure craved a bottle of water midway through. When I went out with my niece and nephew I always had a water with me but most of the time it would run dry before they were done. Any type of drink I think would be appreciated but I think I’m going to play it safe with ice cold water.


What are you giving out this Halloween?




11 thoughts on “Halloween treats that will make you cool to kids and parents!

  1. Oh my gosh – that’s one of the most precious pictures I’ve seen of our sweet baby girl. It took my breath away! (Sorry this wasn’t a comment about Halloween.) Nani

  2. I actually just heard about the teal pumpkin campaign today! I think it’s great. Personally, my daughter is very allergic to eggs, while I’m not allergic to anything (and sometimes forgot to check ingredients until the day I let her try mayo…). Anyway, I love the idea, and how it’s making people get creative. Gone are the days of 8,000 “fun” size Snickers bars, and I’m okay with that.

  3. The cooler of water is such an awesome idea! I’ve seen some parents come out to give a little shot of liquor to the parents, thinking it will warm them up. But that’s a bad idea for so many reasons…

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