My Golden Birthday- A Day at the Zoo

It was my golden birthday on Monday! We decided to take an adventure to the zoo. Seriously all week we were battling over what zoo to go to but we landed on the Henry Villas Zoo. The zoo was free so it helped make our decision a little easier.

Tinley slept the whole way to Madison and back home. Seriously she’s my angel. At the zoo she loved all of the face cut outs. Every time we saw one we stopped. Her smile just explains it all!

I was happy to see lions on my birthday because Leo pride. Lions aren’t my favorite animals but I do think they’re beautiful and this zoo had cubs. There’s nothing cuter than a lion cub. This was the first exhibit we saw so Tinley had to get used to looking for something behind the glass. Soon after though she had the whole zoo thing figured out.

Tinley LOVED the giraffes! We walked around the whole enclosure and watched them for a while. One of the giraffes itched their foot and it was actually really cool to watch. I know that sounds lame but hey it’s the little things.

After the giraffes Tinley turned into more of people watcher than animal watcher. Alex and I liked looking at the different animals and tried to grab her attention again but people are more interesting. She loves watching little kids and I always say she needs an older sibling. The seals kind of excited her a little bit until kids started jumping and squealing in excitement. Then we lost her but it was cute to glance down and see her watch them so intently. We even waited a little longer to take this picture on the polar bear so she could watch kids climb all over it.

We had to bring home a little souvenir so Tinley got a giraffe for George to play with at home. The zoo was just right for us and we were actually able to see it all between naps. Tinley loved being outside all day and it was surreal to watch her walk around and play. I’m not ready to have a toddler just yet!

Let me know what your favorite zoo is and your favorite animal to see down in the comments!

5 thoughts on “My Golden Birthday- A Day at the Zoo

  1. Happy birthday! I love going to the zoos. I went to the Singapore Zoo twice and my favorite animals there are lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, chimpanzees, cheetahs and flamingos.

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