Gift Guide for a “Cool” Dad

Gift guide for Dad!

I’m not going to lie I chuckled a little bit when I said “cool” dad because Alex is anything but. He’s cute though and we are awkward together. 


  1. Adidas Sweatpants-Alex throws sweatpants on as soon as he gets home. He has some that are lose at the ankle but I think I might pick him up some joggers. That way he can feel more comfortable wearing them out of the house. 
  2. Longboard Stroller– We were both gutted when I found out you can only get these things in the UK. So if you’re able to get it then do it! They’re so cool and then you don’t have to push the stroller all of the time!
  3. Baby Carrier– Alex loves his baby carrier! We have one that was from Overstock but I found this amazing company that made Alex’s jaw drop. They have bada** carriers and diaper bags. Not only does it look awesome but it holds up 35 pounds. We are big baby carrier people so if you are too then grab this for your man!  
  4. Basketball Arcade Game– Alex now has a man room that he is so proud of! He’s not the typical pool table kind of guy but he does love the arcade baskeball game. We found one at Good Will and he’s still kicking himself for not buying it. This would be the perfect gift for a dad that loves being active as well. 
  5. Amazon Echo– Our Echo currently just plays Christmas music on repeat. My dad has turned his home into a smart home all controlled by Google Home but the same can be achieved with the Echo. Plus we can tell Alexa to order us anything on Amazon. 
  6. Kodi Box– This little box is our best kept secret. We were able to cut out cable with this little box! We can play Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and we have additional add-ons. My dad has a subscription to play live TV as well which is only like $9/month. Really get it and send me an email and I will share all of our secrets! 
  7. What Do you Meme?– This product is what inspired this gift guide. Alex would not shut up about it! We started playing card games more. We have been enjoying Cards Against Humanity and 5 Second Rule so Alex wanted this to add to our collection. I can only imagine the high-jinks that will come from this game. 

I hope that gave you a good idea to get that special dad in your life. Some of these products would be perfect for the first-time dad or any guy in your life! If you have anymore ideas leave them in the comments! 


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