Freezer Meal Recipes for New Moms

recThe pre-baby checklist is everywhere but they kind of skip over a very important part. Meals waiting in the freezer so even dad can cook a meal. 

If your husband is anything like mine they need a detailed list of instructions or just something they can grab and go for dinner. I am a huge fan of three or four ingredient recipes because it means less groceries and more of a chance Alex will prepare them.

Crockpot Ready Meals

A lot of these recipes can be used in a crockpot which is perfect! It allows for varying dinner times because after a baby you never know what your schedule will be like and it will be hot and ready for you.  Also if you already have more than one child it allows them to still have something nutritious. It takes away the temptation to go out to eat and get those nasty fast food meals.

These meals are essential for any new family or a growing one. I like making double batches of almost all of the recipes so I have something to freeze or on grocery days I fill the bags full of the raw stuff. 


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