First Birthday Party Inspiration- Onederland Theme

We had Tinley’s birthday party and I thought I would share her food/candy table to give you guys some inspiration. We did the ONEderland theme and I loved the versatility of the theme.

The back drop is a black and white patterned fabric, which I think it’s only a yard. The original image we went off of had a checkered pattern but we thought this one was a little trippier. The flowers were made on the Cricut and are now décor in her bedroom. I want to do these for every party we have!

The table had a light blue table cloth and we made a little tutu to go around it. For the tutu we stapled a rope tight around the table and wove the tulle through the rope. The apron was just a flat dowel rod just placed on the table and weighted down by the plates. This was a last minute addition so I’m sure there is a better way to attach it but this did well in a pinch.

For all of the kids my mom has this bear cake mold that she decorates for their first birthday. She just recently started making different characters besides just a bear and for Tinley’s birthday she made it the Cheshire cat. My child loves all things cake so she dug in right away!

I just couldn’t believe how loved this little girl is! Her birthday was amazing and she really did have a blast. She fought sleep so she could play all day with her cousins! Once we brought out her water table she was gone!
I just got this one from Amazon here: Step2 Busy Ball Play Table The girl loves water and she especially loved the water baby. I have a feeling this table will get a lot of use this summer.

Thank you to everyone who came and wished her a happy first birthday! 


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