Finally Finding Planner Peace

Well everyone I think I have found planner peace finally! I switched from a Happy Planner to a personal size Kikki K with Sew Much Crafting inserts and I finally feel like I have my s#*t together!

I found my Teal Medium Personal Kikki K super low on one of my Facebook planner groups and I decided to take the plunge and buy it. I went straight to Etsy to buy inserts and look for dividers. I battled between Sew Much Crafting and Sweet Kawaii Design for so long but the monthly list view sold me because I could use it for meal planning. I also fell in love with the new daily tasks checklist and now I am obsessed with the day organizer as well. In my first order I goofed and got the A5 to-do list so I ended up having to make a second order but it was no big deal and now I’m getting an A5 for a special project!

I found dashboards pretty quickly too from Wander and Soul. They had patterns that were unique and I pretty much bought all of their barn wood looking dashboards. Their prices are amazing, but they are based in Australia so you have to wait a little bit for shipping. It’s not too long though because I ordered my inserts and the dashboards a day apart and I got them the same day.


IMG_0539The dashboards were easy but the dividers were a pain in the butt to find. I couldn’t find any for a decent price that went well with my teal planner (I had to match the colors perfectly I’m OCD). I just happened across one of my planner Instagram accounts that was selling these tassel dividers for only $8, I snagged them up right away! They are perfect because they have the gold, teal, and mint that I can tie in with my dashboard. I was so happy the day I got them and finally assembled my planner.

The first section is my daily tasks so I know to always be looking at what I have to do and usually at the end of the day I reflect back and cross off anything or complete my task before I get ready for bed. The next section is my day organizer I only use these pages on my days off so I can keep on track of what needs to be done and I keep my planner open to that page most of the day. Next is my to-do lists this is just general or big projects that I have to get done, I also have my packing list for my hospital bag.

The next two sections are monthly overviews one is standard and the other is a list. The regular calendar view I write appointments, when I work, cupcake orders or major events going on in that month. There is also a little note section that I can write just little anecdotes. The next monthly view is my listed one and this is where I meal plan. I meal plan in pencil because it does change according to how I’m feeling or if I remember to take something out of the freezer. This is just pretty much a list of meals I can make in a month with the groceries I bought. So far I have saved over $200 meal planning so this is one of my favorite sections of the planner. The last section is just an address book since I have been sending out a boat load of invitations, thank you cards, and soon birth announcements and everything else you have to send after having a child.

I keep my gift cards, check book, and my favorite planner clip in the front pockets just to keep them close and the little coffee cup makes me happy. I made a little planner charm from a Target gift card that was given to me that I already spent just to have something a little extra and I thought it was cute. My planner is simple yet fun and I don’t care that it’s not over flowing with stickers. I add washi to the edges of some pages but that’s how extensive my decorating gets. This planner is just perfect right now and I get excited every time I open it up.

Let me know what your idea of planner peace is and if you found it yet! As always happy planning!


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