Father’s Day Gift Guide Best Subscription Boxes for Dads

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Father’s Day is this Sunday and if you’re anything like me you have no clue what to get for my husband. He’s not the average dad that hunts or fishes, his interest lie elsewhere as do a lot of “millennial” dads do.

I thought a subsctription service might be perfect and doesn’t require wrapping and can be purchased last minute. Let’s face it they have a subscription box for everything these days. Here are some of my top choices to get that “millennial” papa! 

One that really didn’t fit in any category but I wanted to share was The Rad Dad box ($20). This box is perfect for a first Father’s Day gift and really introduces him to fatherhood. I wish I would’ve gotten this for Alex last year.

Vape Boxes

Zample Box ($19.99-$44.99)- This is the box that my husband recommends. He found a lot of juices that he fell in love with and still buy today. He recommends going for the Platinum box.Even though it is the most money the value really is the greatest. Zample Box also makes juices really easy to find on their website through their store. I love that you can take a flavor quiz I’m a sucker for quizzes. 

Cloud Box ($24-$60)- I might actually get my husband CLOUDBOX. For the $60 option you not only get juices but also a premium mod. The CLAPTON option is also a really good choice because they receive a tank for their mod that they already love. It really seems like a great box for the vape enthusiasts.The perfect Father’s Day gift that is a little out of the box. 


Fan Chest ($59)- I came across this because of an ad online feather the Chicago Blackhawks and I immediately was intrigued. The value of this box is amazing! You receive 5 licensed products which 2 usually add up to $59. This is not a subscription but it’s still a pretty fun box to receive and they have multiple boxes so you can come back and buy more.

The Disc Golf Box ($29.99) – This one I just had to add! Alex has always been kind of into disc golf and contemplated playing, so this might be a good one to give him that little push. Not only would he be getting some great items in the box but he will be receiving a new hobby on Father’s Day!


Sweets Giftbox ($25/$30)- My husband has a major sweet tooth so I just had to add this in there! For this box you receive 4-5 goodies (full size) each month. Seriously perfect for that dad that is obsessed with candy and pays their own dentist bills.

OrangeGlad ($25)- This is totally for the dad with a sweet tooth but has eaten it all! I love that it is sourced by artisan chefs and it seems really unique. It is something that they wouldn’t think to get but will love to see what is new to try ever month. If you’re looking for originality this Father’s Day this will win you the prize!


Captain’s Choice– This is a kind of DIY subscription box. I would recommend getting their sample packs and whatever dad likes send him the full size. Having a beard and just overall manscaping has gotten huge in the past few years so it will surely being something he appreciates. Captain’s Choice has a ton of gift options to choose from that are unique and would make the perfect Father’s Day collection. Grab a lather bowl, a brush and a sample pack and you have your own starter kit.

Dollar Shave Club ($1-$9)- Seriously the best gift for the money! Being the one who does the shopping I know how expensive razors are for men. Even the most expensive razor they sell is cheaper than the cheap razors at Walmart. Buy your dad or husband one of these today you won’t regret it and they will love you for it. Father’s Day done and wrapped!


First Sip Brew Box ($24.99)-When Alex and I went to Wisconsin two summers ago we found out we really like craft beers. I feel like this is a thing now and I see all sorts of craft beers out there. This box gives you everything you need if you’re a craft beer lover. If only it sent the beer too but I think there might be laws against that and everyone has such unique flavor profiles it might be hard. I do love that they include snacks and I’ve seen a glass in every photo which is perfect. So pair this box with a case of their favorite craft beer and you have the greatest Father’s Day present ever!

SaloonBox DIY Cocktail Kit ($37.50) –IT INCLUDES ALCOHOL! I don’t know why I just get really excited that it does include the booze to mix the drinks. Make the dad in your life a mixologist this Father’s Day. Each kit allows you to make 4 cocktails and then some if you don’t like it too strong and gives you a chance to try a new flavor without committing to a full bottle. Screw dad I know a few friends who need this box in their lives!


Coffee Crate ($29)- This is for the coffee aficionado. The dad who loves the smell of fresh ground coffee beans in the morning while he does it himself. It is a little old school but it will really stand out next to the stand-by Father’s Day card. Also it’s the perfect pairing to the “World’s Greatest Dad” mug.

Keurig Auto-Renewal (Varies)- If you have a Keurig like we do then I recommend getting this for yourself as well as your dad. You never have to worry about running out of coffee EVER. Lord help me if I ever run out of coffee. Get dad his favorite k-cup and set it on auto-renewal he will always think about how great of a child you are and you will be his favorite.  


Grill Masters Club ($32.95) -The description reads “ A Certified BBQ Judge selects Award Winning Rubs, Spice Blends, Sauces, Marinades, Wood Chips, Salts and more.” Sign me up! I would hope that they would know what they’re talking about and choose the best stuff. Maybe this will motivate my husband to grill something delicious on Father’s Day.

GHOST Spice Supply ($14.95)- Okay I’m going to share one of my cooking secrets here, I use a ton of flavors! My husband always wonders how I can make boring means taste so great it’s because I buy different blends of spices. So share my little secret this Father’s Day and send dad one of these boxes. Trust me you will not be disappointed and you will want to go for Sunday dinners a little more often.


Escape the Crate ($29.99)- Dude an Escape Room in a box, perfect for dad. Spend this Father’s Day trying to solve the clues and follow the storyline. Not only does it sound like fun but really promotes some quality time together. That’s all dad really wants for Father’s Day.

Retro Game Treasure ($34.99)- Well I guess it wasn’t a bad thing that your dad kept his old Sega or PlayStation. Break it out this Father’s Day and play some Sonic the Hedgehog or any of the games you receive from this box. His inner gamer will love you forever!


Accio! ($19.99)- Two words, Harry Potter. Not only do you get some awesome Potter merch but you also get to choose your house. As a Gryffindor I really do appreciate that because I know I don’t want any Hufflepuff in my subscription box. So send a little reminder of childhood and he will probably spend all of Father’s Day re-watching the movies.

ZChest ($30)- Zombies are a big deal apparently. I don’t get it but hey if dad likes it then I will support his love for them this Father’s Day. This box sends all things zombies and is perfect for that dad who got a little too into The Walking Dead (like mine).


The Barbell Box ($54.99)-Seriously I might have to get this to see if Alex will eventually look like the guy advertising it, just kidding. Really though this box is perfect for the dad who loves fitness and wants to try different supplements. Not only do you get snacks but you also get gear and I love it when I get a piece of clothing in a subscription box so I’m sure dad will too.

Project: Lift or Die ($24.95)- This box is a little more affordable than the previous box and I’m in love with the packaging. Like the other box it sends supplements as well as gear and I think is more realistic for the dads I know. Most dads don’t have time to go hard at the gym anymore but for those who still attempt to make a trip or two this is great.

Let me know what box you would love to give for Father’s Day or even if you aren’t a father or have someone to gift to let me know what one you’d want. I know that Harry Potter one is calling my name.

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  1. What great ideas! I always struggle to think of guys gifts! I’m not sure why but they’re always hard to shop for! I love how you broke this list down to help find the perfect gift for the dad in your life’s personality and interests!

  2. Great ideas! My hubby would love so many of these…just need to narrow it down since there’s so many great options!

  3. Wow! I had no idea there were even this many kinds of subscription boxes out there! I think a lot of these would be perfect for so many different people, not just dads. Great list!

  4. This is very awsome. I only thought or I only knew of makeup and beuaty subscriptions. This is definitely a great idea for a father day gift or any type of gift. Thank you!

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