Extended Breastfeeding-Achieving my goals of nursing and three simple things you can do to achieve yours too

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Extended breastfeeding was something I never imagined doing! When I started breastfeeding I never thought I would be extended breastfeeding over a year later. I wasn’t even sure if I would make it three months. Here I am with a nursing 16-month old. 

I have a previous post of my journey of breastfeeding at the begging that you can read here: http://www.gingylove.com/breastfeeding-tips/

Now my daughter is a pro at it and demands it a little too much. I love the bond we have though, I’m going to allow her to do it at her own time. There are so many benefits to extended breastfeeding and I want nothing but the best for her. 

I love this info-graphic from St. Joseph Health to show the benefits of breastfeeding!

It has taken a lot to get this point but I pin-pointed the tops three things you can do to be successful in your breastfeeding journey too! 

1. Drink a ton of water in a cute water bottle! 

You can win this adorable water bottle!

I know that seems silly but if the bottle is cute you will look at it more and drink more. Water=liquid gold coming out of your ta-tas. I have about a million and two water bottles but they were never big enough. I always felt like when I sat down I had to call for my husband for a refill. If he wasn’t home I just had to lie there withering away. 

Well I found the answer! This adorable water bottle was gifted to me by Mama B Good and it’s amazing! It only has to get refilled three times a day! It’s huge, cute and promotes breastfeeding. Pretty awesome right?! You know what else is awesome, they are giving some away over a ten day period. From August 18th-28th they will be giving this water bottle away on their Facebook page. To enter all you have to do is like their page and comment on their pinned post. There are opportunities to get more entries as well and you can come back every day for a chance to win. Seriously this company is amazing! You may see me on their page soon too!

2. Get a good support system

I am extremely blessed with a very supportive husband! We started this journey with the goal of never buying formula and we smashed that. When Tinley started getting older I wondered if he would urge me to stop but nope he knows it “our time.” He still gets me water and says “It’s time for the boob!” My story is so successful because of him.He is the reason I’m doing extended breastfeeding. I’m so thankful to have that support by me at all times. Haters get shut down by him too if they comment on me nursing still, which is a plus. I’ll keep him a little longer.

I’ve heard horror stories though of some woman not being able to find the same type of support. That’s heartbreaking to me but alas there is support out there. I found a lot of my answers on Facebook support groups. Sometimes they can be a little judgey but they do it with the best interest of the baby. One group I am a apart of is Milky Mommys but hopefully I will be contributing to Mama B Good sometime this year. It’s all about sharing our journeys and really finding what is best for each individual.

3. Make it “me time”

I guess really baby and me time but really just block out the world when you’re nursing. Today I had to bake over 200 cute plus a cake! Still I took time out of my day to nurse my baby down for her two naps and to bed. This time is special to me and part of the reason we haven’t given it up, I think extended breastfeeding is here to stay. When I look down at those beautiful blue eyes I melt. She truly is the most beautiful baby girl and I take in all of her perfection. Honestly this is the only time of day where I actually do relax and I look forward to it. Make nursing something you can look forward to not a chore. Both your baby and you will be happier if you just let go and be in the moment.


Let me know what are your tips to achieving your breastfeeding goals? I would love any contributions! Even if you want share your breastfeeding journey or journeys I love hearing them! Make sure you check out the giveaway over on Mama B Good and stay awhile to see me soon! What are your thoughts on extended breastfeeding? Keep it nice! 

4 thoughts on “Extended Breastfeeding-Achieving my goals of nursing and three simple things you can do to achieve yours too

  1. I really like your thoughts and tips on breastfeeding. I think all mothers should breastfeed their children because of all the great health benefits. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your post! I am a little stressed about going back to work (teacher) next week because we have had such a wonderful BFing journey! I am worried that now my baby is 13 months he won’t want to nurse after being gone all day. Thanks for sharing your story!

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