Easy Upcycle DIY

I always hunt for the best deals in any aspects in life, so I spend a lot of time and very little money at Good Will. 

We found a lamp that was almost perfect with just a few adjustments needed.  The lamp was yellow and was without a shade. For only $3.99 though I think I could spare time and little bit more money to make it fit. 

We ran to the nearest Walmart picked up a can of light pink spray paint and white lamp shade. I also had to get some more samosas from the Girl Scouts outside and was heartbroken when they were out of s’mores. I am forever on the hunt for those dang cookies. 

I did fail as a blogger though I didn’t get a before picture of the lamp because my husband did the first coat while we napped. 

 I love the whimsy of it and it will come in handy during those night time/early morning diaper changes. 

Let me know some of the good stuff you’ve found at Good Will or any other type of thrift store in the comments below. 

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